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The Phone Rang December 24, 2007

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This morning at 7:30 the phone went nuts. It rang and I was bleary-eyed so I didn’t pay much attention. Then the caller hung up and within about 10 seconds it rang again. I started in on my husband. It wasn’t my phone’s ring so I assumed it was his. He didn’t get it in time. It woke up our daughter. “So much for sleeping in”, I thought as I staggered to her room. Then my phone started ringing. At that point, I got worried. I thought I don’t need any more bad news. Please God, no bad news. Someone seemed to be desperate to reach us. I braced myself.

Thank God it was my sister-in-law looking for her phone. Her phone was the first phone that rang two different times. Whew! I told Rich, even though we were rudely awakened, I am soooo very thankful it was just my sister-in-law looking for her cell phone and not somebody calling us with bad news.

How many people answered their phones to bad news this morning? How many more will do the same tomorrow morning?

My phone rang again later. It was my son’s doctor. My son has been battling salmonella for weeks. I had to take another sample to his doctor last week. The call this morning was to tell me that the test came back negative. Finally!! He no longer has salmonella poisoning.

Good news for us today. God be with the ones who get the bad news.


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