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Leave a Tip or Don’t? December 27, 2007

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How about tipping? What is proper tipping? What is stupid tipping? Why do so many people expect to be tipped?

In Florida, people tip and expect a tip much more so than in Ohio. Where I was raised you tipped a server when you ate INSIDE the restaurant — not for carry-out. In Florida, you tip if they even glance in your direction it seems.

Did you know that Starbucks drive-thru window has a tip jar? I don’t tip Starbucks drive-thru window people. They don’t even make my drink. They take my order, punch it in the computer, take my money, then hand me my drink. That’s their job, isn’t it?? Correct me if I’m wrong here. Plus, that Venti Gingerbread Decaf Latte just cost me almost $5.00. Ha, no tip for you!

There are tip jars at Tropical Smoothie, Quiznos, Panera Bread and so on. These places are fast-food disguised as restaurants. So they do your meal fresher than McDonalds or Wendys, but really, they are no different. No one waits on your table. You order your meal at the counter, carry it to your seat, eat it, throw away your own trash, and then you leave. If there are crumbs on the table, you even wipe your own table before you sit down. That’s exactly like eating in McD’s or Wendy’s. Am I wrong?? So why tip them?

Valet parking. Ha! I learned to tip valet at the Polaris Fashion Mall right near our house in Ohio. I love that mall. It’s the best. Valet parking that only costs $2.00. That’s a steal in the dead of winter at Christmas when there are NO parking places within a mile of the mall. Very little exaggeration there. It’s a huge 2 story mall with many awesome shops and not enough parking. So I gave the guy a $5.00 bill expecting $3.00 change. No change. He kept it. LOL!! I was like (inside my head and not out loud, I’m not a complete idiot — just naive), “hmm, guess I’m supposed to tip valet”. But even $5.00 is a steal in the dead of winter at Christmas…. you get the picture!

And just to clarify things a bit, I am not cheap. I tip 20% or more for service at a restaurant. I tip my hairdresser 30% (that’s why she loves me and won’t admit I have dandruff, I just know it, and why she smiles ear to ear when I walk in and why she gave me such a fantabulous new haircut and why she always compliments me from head to toe — she works for her tip and I love to tip her b/c I love it when she lies to me like that — LOL). I am a gift giver. I’ve had to curb this tendency over the past 3+ years since having children. But I loooove giving gifts. In fact, I have a friend who wears the coolest earrings (you know who you are) and it takes every fiber in my body to keep from buying her all the cool earrings I see at Dillards and Macy’s. I have to just put on the blinders and walk straight on by the earrings or I stop and “oooh and ahhh” over them wondering if she’d like them too. I gave a Coach purse away. Gave-it-away. Uh-huh. I know you think I’m crazy, but I had 2 of them and received another as a gift so I gave one of them away. Who needs 3 Coach purses? In all reality, who needs even one?

So you see I am generous. But I think too many people expect to be tipped when just doing their jobs that they get paid to do. We tipped the DirecTV guy who installed our HD-DVR yesterday. I didn’t want to, but Rich said “It’s Christmas” and so we gave him (gasp!) $25.00. Ugh!! We even tip people who bring us flowers we didn’t order and deliver furniture whether we ordered it or not. Isn’t there a delivery charge that was paid up front? Still, we tip them b/c they expect it. They linger a little. They won’t flat out say anything, but they linger a bit too long. It’s annoying.

Who really gets tipped? Am I a loner in thinking these things? I used to be a waitress. Waitresses survive on tips. But I guess I thought if you get paid $10.00 per hour you are getting paid, not needing tips. Waitresses get paid like $3.00 an hour. They survive on tips.

Oh – and I’ve always tipped the pizza delivery guy. That’s just a given. I know this. But flowers, furniture, and equipment installs too?? Huh? Help me out here b/c I don’t understand the rules.


One Response to “Leave a Tip or Don’t?”

  1. Lana Says:

    Tips always shock me! We do the standard (rounded up) 20% at restaurants…

    that’s normal now. my sister does more like 33-40% which drives me crazy!!! she is a waitress, but I don’t get how someone can tip a server more money for 1 hour of service than what they pay for an entire day of watching their child.

    Just weird.

    I try not to tip on counter service, but sometimes I’ll drop the CHANGE (as in coins) in the cup…

    If we pick up a pizza for take-out, I usually write on the line for tips “zero-pick-up service.” For delivery people, I try to give 4 or 5 bucks depending on how far the restaurant is from my house.

    Delivery guys in the house… we offer a soda… and sometimes 10 bucks.

    I’ll never forget one guy who did that lingering thing, and I was prego with Jonas, and toddler Tiago running around the house. I told the guys I had no cash, only change from my son’s piggy bank.. he waited for that change. $6 in coins… I remember b/c I wrote an I.O.U. slip and dropped it in Tiago’s piggy bank.

    We do give our mail carrier and newspaper delivery lady $25 at the end of the year. I wish I could figure out how to give the garbage guys something, too. They deserve it more than anyone!

    we are fair and generous. but being home definitely gives me perspective on the value of a dollar.

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