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That’s SO Embarrassing! December 27, 2007

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I’m going to admit to ten things that embarrass me about myself. Ha ha!! Then you have to admit at least ONE thing that embarrasses you about yourself.

  1. I watch “What Not to Wear” sometimes.
  2. I pick my teeth. You thought I’d say nose, didn’t you?? Ha ha — we all know everyone picks their nose so that doesn’t embarrass me. You pick yours too!! Don’t lie!!
  3. I read the gossip stuff about celebrities on my Fox News website. This really embarrasses me. Seriously, much worse than picking my teeth.
  4. I have a lot of ear wax. My poor son does too. Grooosssss!
  5. I think I might have dandruff. I can’t tell, but my head itches a lot. My hairdresser doesn’t say I do. She tells me “dry scalp”, but I think she’s just being nice because she wants a big tip.
  6. Twice I’ve had nose hairs so long that they’ve poked out of my nose. LOL! I had to pull them out and I’m telling you that HURTS like crazy.
  7. I have a mustache. I wax it or burn it off w/Nair.
  8. I have a unibrow. I wax it or tweeze it.
  9. I count things. Not the normal counting like balancing a checkbook. I count my steps. I count my chews. I count colors. I count cars.
  10. I stick my stray hairs to the wall in the shower. Sounds weird, I know. But it keeps it from going down the drain. I wipe it off and throw it away after I shower. There is a reason to my madness.

Your turn.


One Response to “That’s SO Embarrassing!”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I add up the numbers on license plates in front of me in traffic and create patterns from them.

    I know. It’s so lame.

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