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Snap! January 3, 2008

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If you know me in person you know that I’m a bonafide goofball.  Well my dear sweet husband is even worse! He cracks me the heck up on a regular basis. There are a lot of things that go together to make a wonderful relationship and I believe humor is in the top ten — probably the top five.

So the other day I’m getting my clothes on. He works from home and his “office” is in our bedroom. I put on my bra and undies and start looking in the closet for anything that fits. Right now that’s hard to come by, but I’m working on it. I digress… He’s doing his thing on the computer, but he stops and tells me something sensual. I can’t remember what it was now. But this is what cracked me the heck up….

Ok – so it’s sort of embarrassing so I have to clear my virtual throat. Eh, hem!

He said when I snap my clothes it turns him on. ROFL!! What??!! Snap my clothes??? What in the world? I don’t snap my clothes. He says that I do and so now I’m laughing and blushing and trying to step into the closet to hide from him. What??? He said that when I get dressed I snap my clothes. And, you know what, I do!! When I put on my undies I snap them into place — pretend you’re putting on underwear and you are smoothing out the elastic band around your hips. SNAP!! See?? LOL!! Ok and so you’re putting on your bra (pretend if you’re a man or think of your wife doing this) and you adjust it around the ribcage and the straps on your shoulders. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP!! ROFL!!

Oh please believe me I was never snapping intentionally. And now I’m so self-conscious of the snapping that I’m trying to dress in a different way. Know what else I snap?? Socks and anything elastic. Oh my! All these years we’ve been together and he’s just NOW telling me I snap.


One Response to “Snap!”

  1. wbppsh7 Says:

    That is hilarious! Funny how you just get so used to sounds you don’t even notice but one day – all the sudden, out of no where – a sound as simple as a “snap” turns someone on.

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