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Sore Loser January 8, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 6:44 pm

I am a sore loser.

But in an effort to mature myself up a bit I will extend a congratulations to LSU for winning last night’s game. I want to also congratulate OSU for making it to the Nat’l Championships two years in a row! Great, great job boys!! LSU will lose their driving force next year — OSU will keep on keepin’ on. As long as we keep beating Michigan, it’s all good. ūüėČ

School resumed¬†last night.¬†My instructor for this class¬†had on an OSU tie. I knew when I walked in the door I’d make it home in time for the game. And — I did. That’s neat, huh? He graduated from OSU¬†and so did¬†his brothers. Small world. And it strikes me as a bit funny that a man who graduated from OSU w/his bachelors,¬†then went on to get 2 Masters degrees, then spent time teaching in Korea and China, and now resides in Florida working for IRCC is still a Buckeye fan!! It gets in your blood, I’m not joking!!! Once a Buckeye — always a Buckeye!!!!!

We’ve had a busy day today already.¬†I have to get to my Bible reading and then my English class reading. I also have to make lunch for me and the hubster. He’s gotten spoiled, by the way. He is so used to me cooking meals for him morning, noon, and night that he has somehow become incapable of making a bite to eat on his own. What is up with that??

Hmmm… wonder if he’ll try to stick up for himself???


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