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Arbitrary January 9, 2008

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Have a little sample of it all:

  1. My daughter has been begging me to put her back in gymnastics class. We took a long break so I could do my first semester w/out darting here, there, and everywhere. I tried to talk her into taking a dance lesson for something different. No go. She wants gymnastics. She is my daughter, afterall, and my dream was to be a college gymnast. That dream was not realized so I put my daughter in gymnastics at the tender age of 16 months. I am very happy she loves the sport because I still love it and can’t wait until she is of the age where competitions are a part of life. But on the other hand, I do not want to live vicariously through her. This has become her choice because she enjoys it. I am enamoured!
  2. I should not leave the house when I am irritated. Enough said.
  3. I did not do my hard as heck workout today because I am sore as heck.
  4. I think my son is a genius.
  5. A man of a shop in a local mall tried to deny me money back when his clerk charged my card twice. He was a nice guy, but he didn’t believe me (I could tell). He called today and guess who was right? Duh! I won’t be buying anything at his shop ever again, but at least he tried to be a nice guy. NEVER doubt a customer who has documented proof of an overcharge (my bank statement). It’s not like I need an extra 10 bucks. If I was going to rip someone off, do you seriously think it would be for 10 dollars? As if!!!
  6. Guess what I learned from “What Not to Wear”?? Guess!!!!! WHITE SHOES ARE OK AFTER LABOR DAY!! Yippeeeeee!!!!
  7. I think I offended a woman recently. I think she overheard me tell my friend that her (the other woman) son is bad. I am so embarrassed, but how in the world do I apologize for that when I’m not even sure she heard me? I just think she did. Ugh! And, he’s not bad — but what he did was bad — but but but….
  8. I have been boycotting Old Navy. Why? Because they make their clothes cheap. Five of the last 7 garments I have bought from them got pin holes in them after being washed ONE TIME. Cheap! Then I walked by yesterday and saw 50% off in the window. I bought a pair of jeans b/c my jeans don’t fit yet. So much for that boycott. I am a sucker for a sale. My husband is right — I do have the sale gene.
  9. I dislike domestic animals. I used to love them. No longer! We have this outdoor only stray cat that has befriended my children. But I know the truth. He only comes around because we feed his sorry rearend. Stupid cat! Or maybe the cat thinks, “stupid human”! The kids named it Max (we really don’t know if it’s a boy or girl). I want to name it Sponge.
  10. The good news is that my neighbor thinks I wear a size 2. She brought me some of her old clothes. She went to our church on Sunday and heard the message and decided she hordes too much. She’s funny. So she wanted to give me some of her old clothes and shoes. She wears a size 2 and her shoes are a size 7 1/2. I don’t wear a size 2 and my shoe size is a 6. Oh well, guess my sisters will get more clothes and shoes soon. But YAH-HAH she thinks I wear a size 2. That’s a compliment right there ya’ll!!

Have a blessed day everyone!


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