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A New Day January 11, 2008

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We got some news today. A little bit surprising and unexpected. The bottom line is that we will be moving soon.

We go to bed and we wake up and we dream and we plan and we hope. But we don’t really know what tomorrow will bring.

The night before I found out my baby was dead in my womb I went to bed without a worry. I slept well. I even prayed for my unborn child. I hadn’t a clue.

Last night when I went to bed I didn’t know that around 4:30 this afternoon I would find out that we will be moving. I had no idea my husband and I would be discussing which neighborhood to buy a house in. But we have been. I didn’t tell him the news until he got off of work at 6:00. He had an intense day at work and he has a lot of decisions to make regarding his career. So instead of talking about it all tonight we are going to pray and then sleep on it.

The beautiful house and community we live in have been loaned to us. We own a house in Ohio still. We were unable to sell it so we made it a rental. We have a wonderful man living there who has been a better than good tenant. He’s talking about buying it from us. We live in a house owned by my husband’s parents. They have allowed us to live here for the past 2 1/2 years. But they had to sell it and so we have until March to find another place to live. No problem.

Goodbye golf course. Goodbye retirement community. Goodbye guard house. Goodbye nazi homeowners association. Goodbye. It’s been real and it’s been good, but it hasn’t been real good. The house is beautiful. The neighborhood is gorgeous and well-manicured. The atmosphere — SNOB central and very anti-children.

We’re OUTTA here!!!

Look out PSL — you’re about to have new neighbors!! We don’t belong in PGA anyway. I’m sure some people would give their left arm to live here. But I am strange -n- stuff and so I have been embarrassed by my address on occasion. Nothing is as it seems and this is definitely not “Pleasantville”.

Other than the actual packing, moving, and unpacking I am very excited!!! Very!


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