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Electric Current January 14, 2008

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Rich and I had a little spat today. I am not acing that attitude thing I posted about a day or so ago. In fact, I jumped his case and started the good ol’ finger pointing. “You don’t do this.. You don’t do that.. I need some help.. Blah Blah Blah”. He came back at me with “I don’t do this.. I don’t do that.. because YOU want it done YOUR way.. Blah Blah Blah.” You know how it is.

We saw a house yesterday that we thought we were going to love. It was a dump on the inside, to put it nicely.

So we drove around and found another house that we think is gorgeous, but we were sure the price was a misprint. We called the Realtor anyway. It’s not a misprint. It’s bank owned because the previous owners didn’t pay their mortgage payments. So today after church we drove by it again to give it a better outside inspection. We also peeked in the windows because it is vacant. Smaller than I’d hoped, but very clean and nice. Based on what we saw today we think we want it. We think…

We have to meet with the Realtor in the morning for a walk-thru. There is one thing that makes me cautious. I’m not sure how far away this is from the house, but I could see it quite clearly and it made me take a deep breath. There is a stucco wall set at the back edge of the property to the right of the house. Behind that wall a bit of distance is an electric yard. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s where inside a large chain linked fence is a bunch of electric coils and wires and junction boxes and stuff all in a neatly arranged rectangle yard.

Now online there are many, many conflicting reports on power lines and cancer. If you take that stuff seriously enough then you’re throwing away your microwave oven, cell phone, and computer screens. I am not a fanatic, but I am a little leery. I’m not a fan of power lines let alone an entire yard dedicated to a massive power supply. Besides the cancer scare, what if that place blew up? We’d be goners. We’re all going to die — I realize this. But I’d rather not up the risk if you know what I mean. And I don’t want to burn to death.

However, I seriously like the house. As long as the upstairs is as clean as the downstairs and nothing is damaged we’re likely to make an offer on it. The extra things it is lacking can be added later and over time. The big things for us right now are size, price, and location. It’s perfect in every way — except it’s proximity to that daggon electric yard. Rich really likes it. A lot!

Does anyone have an opinion on this? By the way, no studies have ever been able to prove an increased cancer risk to people who live near power lines.


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