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Insanity January 16, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 7:20 pm

I just have to update on a few things. I am absolutely whipped — physically and mentally.

  1. We made an offer on a darling house today. We are praying it is accepted. No registered sex offenders close by.
  2. The kids are both sick with colds. That’s fun!
  3. I recently did both of my killer workouts and I am so sore I can barely sit.
  4. I am afraid to try to get pregnant again. I can’t wait until this fear goes away. Lately I’ve been thinking maybe of putting it off for another year. I’m scared and there is so much going on right now. I can only take so many big, life changing decisions at a time.
  5. My house is a disaster and I am not happy about that. The older my kids get the harder it’s becoming to keep up with them.
  6. The most important news of the day…. (saving the best for last)

I AM AN AUNT AGAIN!!!! I posted underneath my brother’s picture that he was expecting his 2nd daughter any day now. She was born today. She is 7 pounds 11 ounces, 20 inches long. Both baby and mom are doing fine!

Welcome to the family Miss Riley Brooke. May God bless your days.

I love you kiddo!!!


3 Responses to “Insanity”

  1. mommato3blessings Says:

    -Congrats on making an offer on the house, I can’t wait to hear if it is accepted!
    -Bummer the kids are sick, hope they are feeling better quickly!
    -I well remember the feeling of being scared to try to get pregnant after miscarriage. It was terrifying for me- but God is good, and He wants good things for you, girl.
    -Yes, the older the kids, the bigger the messes- I gave up on staying on top of it 24/7!!!
    -and most importantly, CONGRATS on becoming an Aunt again! I love your sweet niece’s name, and I am sure she is completely precious! How exciting! 🙂

  2. Ali Says:

    Congrats on Aunt-dom all over again!! It never gets old!!!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Thank you, thank you!! She is beautiful. Just waiting on permission to post her picture. My brother, I’m sure, is buried in baby stuff right now. I can’t get a response and I don’t want to call incase he’s working or the baby is sleeping.

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