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When Push Comes to Shove January 22, 2008

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The playground. Now that’s a place to observe humanity. Little kids playing and screaming. Parents smiling and coaxing. It’s so busy and noisy and fun.

But wait…

Look a little closer at them. The kids. They are trying to one up each other. It’s not so obvious at first glance. But it is happening all around the playground.

Two little pigtailed girls see one swing just became available. The fastest one wins. The other one stomps her foot, crosses her arms, and pouts.

Two little boys are climbing the stairs. The bigger one forcefully pushes past the smaller one and has no apologies. He doesn’t even look back to see if the smaller boy is ok. The smaller boy just stares after him with confusion written all over his face.

The rock wall has three little ones staring up to the top. One girl goes for it while smashing the fingers of one of the others who took too long making a decision on whether or not to take the risk. She doesn’t look down to see if the hurt one is ok. No, she scurries to the top as fast as she can never caring for one second who she has stepped on along the way.

Zoom out again. Aren’t they so cute? They are playing with each other. They are laughing and running and sliding and swinging and twirling and jumping.

Pay attention though. They are just like us. The only differences are that they are smaller and less discreet. They aren’t ashamed of their mistreatment of each other. They don’t flaunt it either. They just do it and they don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Consequences? That’s too big of a word for them.

Imagine that’s how we would be (or worse) if we didn’t know right from wrong. If we didn’t care. For children, it’s all about them. They are first. Their pleasure is most important. Sacrifice? No man — sacrifice means temper tantrum magnified 100 times. They are out of control. They don’t mind beating one another to the top. King of the hill they’d say if they knew what it meant.

But deep down — think about it — deep down is our society any different?

Idolizing rich people who society deems successful. Successful based on their possessions. That’s not how I define success. Not anymore.

Lusting after men or women who are perfect and sensual. Perfect? Sensual? Says who? When did slutty, plastic, and malnourished become perfect and sensual?

Mistreating our spouses and children, but treating our clients with respect and dignity. Now isn’t that about as backwards as backwards gets?

Denying God. Having the audacity to deny God. That has to be the most ignorant, self-centered, self-idolizing, egotistical, and arrogant thing people do. But I did it once. I did it with a vengeance. Not that anyone reading this who is guilty of this is off the hook. I’m just simply explaining that I was like that too.

Once. But. NEVER. Again.

Society has to change. It has to. Otherwise, we are no better than children who don’t know better. Or worse, because we DO know better. Don’t we? Don’t you?


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