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The Handyman January 26, 2008

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He already knew I might do this. And I swear to you it’s not intended to embarrass him at all. I love my husband and I hope and pray that my daughter will marry a man exactly like him someday. I tell her that and I completely mean it. I hope and pray that my son will grow up and be the kind of man he is. Once he is old enough, I will start telling him that. Rich is godly, faithful, trustworthy, kind, generous, calm, sweet, smart, funny, loving, and affectionate. Those are only a few of his qualities. A few.

But a handyman he is not. He didn’t grow up doing things like searching for wood to build a fort with. He didn’t take things apart and try to put them back together again. He didn’t work on cars as a teenager. He wasn’t in to building a shed in the backyard of his parent’s house. He did other things with his time and sharpened his mind for the computer programming future he now enjoys.

So today he is at a local retailer learning how to install tile. One side of me fears this new venture. What if he wants to install new tile in our new home. Yikes! What if he thinks he can, thinks he can, thinks he can and can’t? Oh I don’t even want to think of it. The other side of me is mighty proud of him. I hope he succeeds and finds a new hobby.

I told him he could practice on the laundry room. He’s ok with that. We’ll see what happens with this. I hope he can, he can, he can. I truly do.


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