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Confusion Corner February 4, 2008

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So that’s a real place in Stuart, Florida that will confuse the heck outta you if you’re not from here. I remember the first time I encountered it. I almost cried! Florida, specifically the Treasure Coast, has these stupid roundabouts instead of normal stop signs or stop lights. It drives me CRAZY I’ll tell you. Dumb, dumber, and dumbest. Confusion Corner is the WORST offender of them all. You Florida pals of mine will back me up on this one, I know you will!

Anyway – not to confuse you any longer. Here are the directions:

1) Yes, I changed the look of my site. Why? Because too darn many people had the other look. I like to be more original and less uniform and since I haven’t the first clue as to how to design my own weblog look I have to pick one that I don’t see much on the WordPress blogs I’ve read.

2) Next, I added some flare to my side bar. Blogs are now under the heading “blogs of fantabulousness”. Fantabulous is a word I made up all on my lonesome. Mix Fantastic and Fabulous and wahlah you have Fantabulous. I know other people use this new word (which isn’t so new as I developed it way back in the 90’s, but anyway). It’s because I am so freaking hip that word spread of my creativity and next you’ll see it in Webster’s Dictionary. I changed the name of Christian living to Christian Sites. These are strictly websites, not blogs. Then my favorites has been changed to “Just Click It” like Candid Chatter is “Just Say It” like Nike is “Just Do It”. I am soooooo entirely hip now. Are you down wit dat? Blah – at least I’m trying. Give me a chuckle for effort.

And the exciting news of the day — drumroll please — if you Google “Candid Chatter” guess who comes up FIRST? Yes, ladies and gentlemen — MMMMEEEEEEEE!!

Well, not that anyone Googles those two words on a regular basis. But STILL!!

Oh — and MercyMe now has Candid Chatter on their blogroll. If that doesn’t just make my whole week!!


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