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Bad Attitude = Short Fuse February 8, 2008

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I have this problem lately. Well, I say lately. That’s about as big a joke as I can tell. Really, I’ve had this problem since hormones hit me around age 12. It got worse towards my 16th birthday and peaked at my 19th birthday. It’s my attitude. It’s a real problem sometimes. Lately, it’s been a real problem on a daily basis (this is where I was going).

My kids irritate me so much sometimes that I zone out or ignore them to the point where I truly don’t think I hear them. What is it about the phone or the computer that makes kids flip out? I mean, seriously?! I want to know! I demand an answer!! If my mom read my blog, this is the part where she would start to laugh. I remember the days when she got ticked off over the same thing. If I want an adult conversation forget it. I have to wait until I’m driving in the car (and this is starting to not work now too) or until they are asleep. Grrrr!

I am losing my patience over this whole house deal too. Ok, so I know that it’s going to be worth the wait (to the tune of saving about $50,000). Yes, waaaay worth the wait. But can someone give me an answer already? I am dying to take the next steps. I want to sign some more paperwork, get a solid closing date, hire an exterminator, hire a lawn mower dude to cut the forest down that is supposed to be the yard, and so on. I want to think we’ll get to celebrate our son’s 2nd birthday in our new house this year. I am trying so hard to remain calm, but if you “know me know me” then you know that this is a near impossible task indeed. I am not very patient. I lose my patience over stirring food. Yes, it’s that bad.

My air conditioner is STILL broken. So my friend sent me an e-mail of a guy who is trustworthy who I can call. But I figure why pay to fix the air conditioner when we are moving soon. This thought was almost 2 weeks ago when the temperature was in the mid-70’s for the high and a nice breeze was rolling off the golf course. Well, as I complained before, we seem to be having an unusually HOT freaking winter down here and lately it’s been in the 80’s. So my kids run around in their underwear all day, Rich wears nothing but boxers and shorts, and I am the girl w/no bra and a tank top w/cut-off shorts. Totally hillbillying it up over here in the lovely PGA Village. Not quite what you expect from a family in this upper echelon of a neighborhood (you all know how much I dislike living in this snooty neighborhood so I am not bragging — trust me).

Add all of the ingredients together and mix it well and you get one cranky little 5 foot 2 inch woman with a short fuse.

But I am praying. And I am trying. And deep down inside all I really want to do lately is get fat and drink margaritas all day at the beach.

My diet is blown. My waist is not shrinking. My attitude sucks. My fuse is short. Wanna be friends? LOL!!

The good news is we made it to 1000+ hits today. That makes me smile!! You people rock!!!

Wait a second. Did someone say margarita? Hmm. I have an idea. Gotta go!


4 Responses to “Bad Attitude = Short Fuse”

  1. Mel Says:

    I want one, I want one!!! (the margarita, not the attitude, lol. I already have one of those!)
    If it’s any consolation, I am frustrated FOR YOU with the house! Can they freaking give you a yes or a no already?!?!? 🙂
    That’s it- just give it up, and move back to Ohio. My answer for it all! Move to my neck of the woods, and we can corral our kids together while sipping those margaritas. Now how awesome would THAT be?

  2. candidchatter Says:

    It would be awesome sans the kids!! I got a better idea. YOU COME HERE and WE GO TO THE KEYS for a WEEK or TWO!


  3. Mel Says:

    Ok, I am for real tempted to do just that! I need an escape! I might show up on your door step one of these days- I have your address from doing Christmas cards! 🙂

  4. candidchatter Says:

    And I’ll give you my new one too! See — I would love it, Mel. I need a vacation. It does not count as a vacation if the kids are with me. That is just more stress. I’d rather be at home with them b/c all our crap is here. But someday I would super totally love to get away for a weekend (or a month) with you. Super totally!


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