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Pictures are Popular February 9, 2008

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Wanna see more pix? Here ya go!


My nutty sister at the Grand Canyon. Holly, this picture makes me want to puke. What if you had fallen? You are a freaking nut case! Grrr! My heart did a back flip, fell into my stomach, and didn’t beat for 2 seconds when I saw this one. But at least you look smashing, darling!


Yes, it was as bad as it looks. I was so incredibly uncomfortable when I was pregnant with our son. He was born a month and 2 days after this picture was taken. So, believe it or not, I got even bigger! Stacy, I think I met you about this time. Remember when I was holding my stomach and you offered me a seat at Karen’s house? Ha ha!! I was holding it because my back hurt and because he always felt like he was going to just poke right through my stomach and fall out. Ugh!


Brianna is born.


Two days after Jeremy was born. His birthday ended up being a surprise so we didn’t have the digital camera until the next day. So the actual birth pictures are on film, not the computer. Rich stopped on his mad dash to the hospital to get a disposable camera per the nurse’s instruction. Thank God for her or we would have zero pictures of his birth.

Both of my babies were born via c-section. Very intense moments in the OR, but worth every bit of it.

Enjoy and remember — click on the picture to zoom it!!


One Response to “Pictures are Popular”

  1. Lana Says:

    ok, first…
    your sister is beautiful! and I love the picture. brave, brave woman…
    second, i love the way you look pregnant. and I even love more that you put in on there for everyone to see. Your stomach doesn’t even look real. Isn’t it just amazing when you see that??? How God made the female body??? It went back down. God bless you!

    I also LOVE Brianna in that picture. She looks exactly like Rich! Little Rich.

    and the kids are adorable! God bless that nurse!

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