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The Baddest Mom February 14, 2008

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My 22 month old son fell out the kitchen window yesterday.

Our air conditioner is broken. Well, even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have it on right now because it’s finally winter in Florida so that means the highs are in the mid-70s lately. Yahoo!

Anyway. He was eating lunch, standing in his chair, leaning against the screen, and all of a sudden he disappeared. My daughter, who is 3 1/2, made some awful noises and cried and screamed and made more awful noises. She was beside herself. Maybe she was choking? I don’t know. Awful noises came from her face though.

I ran over, looked out, he was lying on his back between the house and the bushes. I leaned out, grabbed him, started to pull him in the house and…

*I want to stop here because this is where I become worse than just bad and become baddest mom*

…smacked his head on the window frame. He was already crying. Now he is screaming and his lips are turning purple.

It’s ok to laugh now because he escaped any serious injury. Just a couple scratches on his knee, and thanks to good ol’ mom, a bump on his head.

Bad Bad Heidi Lyn Baddest Mom in the whole darn town
Badder than old King Kong — Meaner than a junkyard dog

How will my kids ever make it to adulthood? Lots O’ Prayer!!

PS: Please don’t call Children’s Services. Seriously. He’s fine.


6 Responses to “The Baddest Mom”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh my gosh, how scary! Maybe you should have mentioned that the kitchen is on the first floor! Mine is on the first floor, but the basement is actually completely on top of the ground in the back of the house, so it’s actually 2 floors off the ground. I’m glad he’s okay – oh, and TOTALLY done that, accidently smacked their head/squished their fingers, etc, after they’re already hurt.
    I think I can STILL take you for “baddest” mom, though. 😉

  2. Mel Says:

    Aw, glad the lil guy is ok. Poor Jeremy….Poorer momma! You’re not the baddest mommy- I have done plenty of awful things that I am sure have scarred my children for life!!! 🙂 Kissies for the boy!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    ROFL – YESSSS – my house is a ranch. No basements in south Florida. Not many 2 story houses either. Ha ha!!

    God was watching over him because he could have been seriously hurt. Even that short of a fall could have broken something or if he had been caught in the bushes for some reason he might have a bad cut or wound. I’m telling you that boy has a supernatural net underneath him. He’s accident prone and is always fine (knocking on wood).

    Ever feel like you’re moving in slow motion when something bad happens? I completely felt like I couldn’t get there quick enough. Then when it was all over I was laughing like a lunatic. Probably it was funny, but more that I was entirely so very much and completely relieved he is just fine. It was like a hysterical “whew” moment.


  4. Lana Says:

    sad story… my friend’s 3 year old son feel out of the window of their parked rv about 1 1/2 years ago…
    bless his little heart.

    He never recovered… and the Lord took him home.
    every time I hear a story like this I think of little Adrian.

    I can’t have the windows open here b/c they are so low, unless I’m in the room with the kids. When Jonas was 9 months, and I caught him standing on the window sill… I knew I wasn’t going to play that game. Too risky

  5. candidchatter Says:

    That’s a heartwrenching story. RV windows are so small, you’d never think it could happen (that someone could wiggle through it). But they are pretty far off the ground. How tragic for that family. I’m very sorry about their incredible loss.

    Jeremy fell probably less than 3 feet if I had to estimate. It’s about the equivalent of falling off of the dining room chair. That’s what he was standing on when he went through. And to see him lying there you would have thought someone placed him there. He looked comfortable (for lack of a better word) except for the crying. Next time you’re here (if you are before we move) remind me to show you where he was. The more I think about it the more amazed I am that he didn’t get hurt. Amazed.

    I have a friend whose son fell from a 2 story window when he was 18 months (I think it was 18 months). He completely escaped injury. Imagine that!

    Anyway – I am sorry for what your friend has suffered. It’s just strange how one accident turns into the worst tragedy for one family and another similar accident amounts to nothing.


  6. Lana Says:

    well, it is a pretty sad story.
    Adrian had down syndrome, and a fraternal twin brother with no physcial or mental ailments…
    their mom was 45 when she gave birth to them.
    they knew he had down syndrome before he was born, but they knew God had a plan when she conceived at her age… and abortion wasn’t an option.

    He was born a weak boy and had lots of medical problems, but he overcame the odds and was thriving.

    And on a family trip to Disney, while everyone slept, he was able to climb out of the window of the rv, fell, and was badly injured.

    a month later the Lord took him home, where he has a new body and no more pain.

    it still makes me cry…

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