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Updates Before Bed February 18, 2008

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My thesis is too wordy he tells me, yet he likes my focus. I enjoy a nod of approval as well as constructive criticism. My current English instructor is top notch. He’s really good. Really good.

My daughter is still concerned over the “we eat animals” thing. I read her a book that is a cute little poem about a spider who wants to make friends with other bugs. When we got to the moths she (Brianna) asked me if we eat moths. Huh? No, we don’t eat bugs. Moving along. No, she goes back to her thoughts. She points to the ants on another page. Do we eat ants? Ewww, NO! We don’t eat ants either. What bugs do we eat then? None. No bugs. Ohhhh — duh stupid me, she is relating this to the “we eat animals” conversation that I thought was so funny. Apparently this has been on her mind for days. So I tell her we eat cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and fish. No bugs.

Warning — graphic bodily function talk ahead (in green).

The cat that’s not ours puked on the porch today and ate its puke. My kids were so fascinated by this. I let them watch. What’s the harm in that? If they can stomach it, they can watch it. But I warned them NEVER to eat puke!! It’s disgusting. My daughter agreed with me and my son got chills. LOL! Guess I didn’t need to warn them. They already knew it was disgusting.

Our son pooped in the potty today. He is such an awesome kid and learning things so early. I am amazed and we had a family get together in the bathroom to celebrate Jeremy’s first potty poop. Woohoo!!

Notice a new blog on the roll. It’s the Hoyt family (The Hoyt’s House by Tausha). Check ’em out when you can. Fun and funny blog!

Thank you to all you Candid Chatter fans. We made it to 1500 hits today! That’s exciting! Please keep coming and keep commenting!

Have a great night ya’ll. Peace!


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