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A Different Kind of Sacrifice February 19, 2008

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Meet Bonnie and Dave.

Bonnie and Dave are users. They live in a house owned by another person rent free. They have been asked to vacate such premises and are refusing. They are over 50 years old with 3 adult children (all girls). One of said girls lives with them. They run from creditors and they are hiding one of their cars to avoid having it carted off by a tow truck because they haven’t made the payments they agreed to make.

Heidi, you’re so judgmental, you are thinking. Ok, I’ll give you that. But if I’m going to be “candid” then I’m going to be candid.

Well, Bonnie wears the latest fashions in clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Her hair is always professionally styled and colored (you ladies know this is not cheap). Her make-up is designer and so is her perfume.

Bonnie and Dave eat out at restaurants for almost every meal every day.

After being told they could not bring their dog to the house they are living in they brought it anyway.

Bonnie and Dave are lucky I am under the restraints I am under or Bonnie and Dave would get a piece of me.

Judge at will. Laugh if you want. Roll your eyes. Tsk, tsk me. Whatever.

Bonnie and Dave are losers.

There is such meaning in the words “the sacrifice of prayer” because I do not want to pray for Bonnie and Dave, yet I will. Just like I did not want to pray for my ex-husband, yet I did. It’s a sacrifice to lift them up to the Lord when I’d rather squash them like bugs.

My flesh hates Bonnie and Dave and wants to set their cars on fire. My soul won’t allow it. My spirit uplifts them in prayer instead.

This is what it is like to be a Christian. You can hate someone or something so much, yet you are compelled to pray about it. You can be so angry and upset over something, yet you can’t escape the desire to pray about it.

Life as a Christian is not easy. You realize like never before that God is always watching and you can’t ignore it. You simply desire to please Him and to be a blessing to others because of His great love and mercy. This makes you do incredibly weird things like praying for people you’d rather curse. There are still so many choices to make, but you always know which is right and you are compelled to turn in that direction even when you don’t want to.

Right – pray for them

Wrong – curse their names and make life miserable for them

Praying for them does not feel good and it goes against the grain.

Cursing their names and making them feel miserable would be like a flesh-filled victory and it might feel pretty darn good for awhile. But it’s wrong.

Sacrificial prayer. There is so much meaning in that. So much.


5 Responses to “A Different Kind of Sacrifice”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Love it. I definitely wasn’t tsk, tsking you, that’s for sure! I love the “if I’m going to be candid, I’m going to be candid.”
    And, Amen! It’s so confusing sometimes, but it works. Prayer works. Praying for your enemies works.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Please cite me as the author of anything I write. This particular post was pingbacked by a Christian Bible Study site (thank you, btw), but the credit for the author was given to someone at a Franciscan site (ouch!). My name is Heidi Reed or you can even say “Candid Chatter”. It’s the polite thing to do. Thank you.

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Melissa: Thank you for the supportive words.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Thank you Christian Bible Study website for inserting me as the author. That is way cool of you to make that correction!


  5. Samuel L. Says:

    This is quite a up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Facebook.
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