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Ninety-nine February 26, 2008

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I guess honesty really is the best policy. Many of you must be able to relate to a checkered past. Today was a record day on my site. Ninety-nine hits. Wow! That’s 99 people hitting this site other than me. I don’t get counted on my blog stats. If I did, the count would be an even 100. Amazing!

Thank you to each of you who offered a supportive comment or e-mail. I am grateful.

To reassure anyone concerned – I want you to know that I am not haunted by any of those things anymore. I have been forgiven. The slate has been wiped clean. The shackles have been removed. I am not a slave to my past. His blood shed for me on that cross took away my sin and made me as white as freshly fallen snow. Clean.

My faith has been growing at a steady pace since I gave my life to Christ 6 years ago this month. My ways have been slowly changing. I am still me. But better. And it’s not because of anything I did. Well, I take that back, I believed in Him. But that’s all I had to do. At that precise moment (that I believed), His Spirit took up residence in my heart and has started transforming the broken me into the me I was created to be. My purpose in this life has been developing ever since then. And – I – Love – It!

You can’t understand me until you can.

It’s like having a baby (or adopting a child). You will never understand the love until you do.

That’s faith in Christ.

You will never understand it…





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