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My Favorite Nurse February 29, 2008

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My lovely daughter pretended to fix me up tonight. I am experiencing the worst “Aunt Flo” of my life right now. The worst! I told her that my tummy hurts when she asked me what was wrong and why was I lying on the couch. She gave me 2 of her french fries, pretend cotton candy, and pretend band-aids (on my arm – LOL). She rubbed my tummy, cheeks, and hair and then she danced for me to the Go, Diego, Go theme song on Noggin. After all of that, she kissed me and told me I am “all better now”.

Well, she may not have cured my cramps, but she sure did make my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

Anne commented today on another post of mine regarding child booster carseats. I want to bring this up because what she said and the links she sent may very well have saved our daughter’s life. Who knows? I hope and pray we don’t ever get into an auto accident. But, incase we do, Brianna will be very well protected now. Parents (and grandparents) take note and please see the comment she posted on “Saw It All in 30 Minutes”. If you have a child in a booster carseat who is less than 65 pounds you ought to seriously consider buying a new seat with a 5 point harness until the child weighs more. If you are a family member and you are interested in the one she recommends (which is the one I bought today for Brianna), then we’d be willing to donate $50.00 towards your purchase. That’s how important I believe it is for you to put your young child in the right kind of seat.

So, here’s to Anne (my Higglytown Hero of the week).

And, Anne, here is the precious life you may very well have saved. I can’t thank you enough.


 And here is the carseat that may not have done the job (booster by Evenflo)


And here is the new carseat that we know will keep her a ton safer (Nautilus by Graco – $155 at WalMart).


to   see   larger   click   on   pictures


4 Responses to “My Favorite Nurse”

  1. I am bill Lawrence and i am Interested in buying some of your product
    which is Booster Car Seat and it will be pick-up After Payment have been made
    and what i want to know now is the Types of the Booster Car Seat that you
    have In stock and also the Prices and if you do accept credit card as a
    form of payment so that i can proceed with This Order.

    Best Regards
    bill Lawrence

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: I don’t sell carseats. The ones pictured here are not for sale. I bought them both at WalMart. You can also get them at Target. Thanks for stopping by.

    Heidi Reed

  3. Sandy Says:

    I currently use the evenflo booster that you have mentioned here for my daughter. Now I’m a bit concerned, although she is 6 and too big for the 5 point harnesses. Everytime I put her in the car I wonder how safe her seat really is. All of the over 65lb boosters seem to look the same though. How do you know what’s safe and what isn’t? Is there even a product available that is safe??

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Sandy: Check consumer reports as well as with your pediatrician. Good luck and thanks for commenting.


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