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Waste Not March 2, 2008

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I am an extremist when it comes to not wasting things. I have recently found out that two of my sisters are this way as well. So I will venture to say that all of my siblings are like this to some degree. Our parents are not wasteful people either. They have taught us the value of things and that wastefulness is almost a sin.

I laughed at myself today in the shower. I had squirted out conditioner instead of shampoo. I hate it when I do that. I didn’t want to wash it down the drain because I hate to waste things. So I wiped it on a washcloth and set it on the ledge. I found the stupid shampoo bottle and after I washed my hair I wiped the conditioner back onto my hand so I could condition my hair. I won’t even waste an ounce of conditioner. Silly? I don’t know.

Here are a few other tactics of mine to keep from wasting:

1. When I get to the bottom of any bottle (face wash, hand sanitizer, lotion, dishwasher detergent, etc.) I will turn the bottle upside down and use whatever drips to the lid as often as I can. Then I’ll stick my finger inside of it to get as much as I can that way in order not to waste a single tiny bit. I’ve even cut bottles open in order to get every last inch of whatever is in there before throwing it away. Doing this has saved me a significant amount of money. I just know it has. I can make a $28.00 bottle of face wash last an additional 3 weeks by doing this. That’s a lot of money over time!

2. I wear gloves when I clean for a couple of reasons. One is so I clean better because I’m not worried about what I might touch. Another reason is because if I wear gloves I can make the paper towels last longer because I don’t mind flipping it over since the dirt won’t touch my skin anyway.

3. I save my kid’s baggies. I put their animal crackers, goldfish, pretzels, and other snacks in baggies. When they are done I save the baggies so I can reuse them. Why throw away a perfectly good Ziploc bag when they are going to want more [fill in the blank] anyway?

What do you refuse to waste? What are you extreme about? Please divulge so I don’t feel so weird.


6 Responses to “Waste Not”

  1. Snickets Says:

    I am a recycling FREAK!
    Today was warm. So I decided it was time to finally take in my recyclables. Remember I live in Fairfield County, not Franklin. There is not recycle pick up here, you have to take it to the big bins (2 locations in my town). So, I load up my truck (1st load), completely, even a big box in the passenger seat and the passenger side door floor.
    I drive to the first location of choice. Packed, hanging out the bins, jammed packed. So, I haul off to the 2nd location. Doubly packed, piles left on the ground next to it.
    So, I know of a place that just takes paper. Drive out to there and unload all the paper.
    Head home. I research online to find some locations near my office. So, with my truck still loaded I am scheduling an early morning so I can get there early.
    Anyways, this has reduced my trash TREMENDOUSLY. I now only have 1 10 gallon trash can to put out a month. Once a month, 1 trash can!!!!
    Drive people crazy though, but has become just another quirk of mine that adds to the entertainment value.
    Oh – and the trash service does not offer a discount for that by the way. But, whatever.

  2. mamato3blessings Says:

    I could learn a lot from you. Unfortunately, I am a pretty wasteful person. I try not to be, but in all honesty, I am. If I have a little bit of shampoo left, but have already bought it’s replacement in a new fun scent- I will just toss what’s left because I am too anxious to wait. That’s just one example. It’s a shame- I need to take a lesson from you, my pal. 🙂

  3. candidchatter Says:

    I need to hop on the recycling wagon. We don’t recycle and we so should. When we move, when we move, when we move.

    I also need to have a garage sale. I know, I am starting to get off topic.

    BTW – those of you who don’t know – “snickets” is my sister. See, we waste not! We were raised right. We were, we were.

    Melanie: I know, if I get a fun new thing I want to try it out too. I get you. But my inability to waste anything will keep me from doing it. I even roll the toothpaste tube until it’s ridiculous in order to get it all out. Crazy!


  4. lsbabies Says:

    🙂 I keep things, many things forever. For example when I get my new smelling shampoo I put the almost empty bottle back in the closet so I can go back and use it later. If it is not totally gone I’ll keep it. I’ve cut way back on my grocery shopping trips and lately have used up a lot of my “supply”. I’m the same way with laundry detergent and everything like that. It drives my hubby crazy.

    *I need to recycle. It was so easy in my old town. Now the pick the recycle bins are only in town once a month and it is never the same date.

    * I also need to have a garage sale. ugh.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    See I think if “they” really want us to recycle then “they” ought to make it easier, Lauren.

    However, I cannot complain. In my area, they do pick it up at the curb. I just never got around to requesting bins. When I move I will get some. I will!


  6. Lana Says:

    i am a recycling queen!
    in our old town, Gainesville, FL… they only allowed 1 trash can per home per week… and it was a county regulated trash can so it could only hold a certain volume of trash. and if your trash went over, you had to pay like 12 or 15 bucks per bag.
    they ENCOURAGED recycling by having the trash mandates.

    it worked.
    you didn’t see the craziness of trash-gone-wild like you see here in PSL… people here fill up 2 cans OR MORE twice a week!

    we only put out 1 can a week… and it is half full. and we recycle like every paper-product, glass, and plastic that comes in this house.

    in G-ville I used to compost all the food scraps, too…
    hey, I might have to start doing that again…

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