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Bird Flew March 5, 2008

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“You will not believe this!”

That is what I knew I would have to say to the 911 operator if I had to call her a second time today.

Did you know that in St. Lucie County if you want to get rid of a stray animal you have to call 911? Oh, heck, no. I am not a person inclined to call 911 unless it’s a true emergency. A stray cat on my porch is not an emergency to me. No.

So I tried to go around that. I called the humane society. Nope. They don’t come pick up animals and I refuse to put a stray cat in my just vacuumed van with my kids’ carseats. She tells me I’ll have to call 911. What? No way.

So I called animal control. Uh uh. They won’t come unless they are sent out by a 911 dispatch. Seriously? Well. Ok then. I called 911. Twenty minutes later animal control was on my back porch. Weird.

It took the lady all of about 10 minutes to round up the cat. She assured me that the cat would not be euthanized. It will go to the humane society where it will remain until adopted out. Ok. That’s good because I can’t have cat murder on my conscience. The kitty is fine. And I am happy the little rodent is finally gone.

I – Kid – You – Not

She left and less than 5 minutes later a black bird about the size of Jeremy came into our house and went absolutely ballistic. Oh heck no!! I grabbed Jeremy and locked him in Brianna’s bedroom. I ran to find Brianna and dragged her terrified little self to her bedroom and locked her in. Then I screamed, “RICH THERE IS A BIRD IN THE HOUSE – GET IT OUT – HURRY!!” Both kids are hysterical. I am freaking the heck out because I can just envision this stupid bird wrecking the things I haven’t packed and pooping on everything else. You’ve got to be kidding me!!

Rich is swift. He got a broom and guided that pathetic creature out the sliding glass doors. It took him a few minutes because the darn thing kept wanting to fly out the bay windows (which don’t open). Ugh!

I didn’t have to call 911 afterall. But how in the world would I have explained that one if I had. First a stray cat, now a stray bird.

Come stay with me for a couple days. I’m sure something very exciting will happen. It always does. Never fails.

My life…

It’s an absolute trip!

PS: The bird did poop by the way. But it was just a small amount and only on the tile floor. Geesh!


6 Responses to “Bird Flew”

  1. Lana Says:

    9-1-1 what’s the emergency…???

  2. candidchatter Says:

    I haven’t a clue. Maybe they’re bored here in PSL and need us to call them to catch animals? I seriously think it’s strange too! Believe me!


  3. lsbabies Says:

    What a day you had!
    Do you remember our problem with the bat during the slumber party? Little girls running everywhere screaming. Rick caught the thing in a pillow case and threw it outside. No one would come out. Seven days later we had another one (or the same one). I don’t miss living there.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    ROFL – yes, Lauren, I remember the bat. That cracked me up. It did. I’m sorry, girl, it did!! Hysterical!!!


  5. mamato3blessings Says:

    HILARIOUS! Way to go Rich, the hero! I remember once when I was little (maybe 6 or so) I was playing at my best friends house across the street. There was a bat in the house, so we got my dad (hers was at work). He brought a tennis racket along- wierd, I thought. So he somehow traps the thing (I can’t remember those details), takes it out back to the picnic table- pins the stupid thing under the tennis racket- and proceeds to poke at it with a pencil till it DIES!!!! I was horrified! Talk about traumatizing a child!!!!!

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Melanie: Now that is funny, but I feel guilty for laughing because the poor thing got penciled to death. {smirk and laugh through my nose}. XO!!


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