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A Child of the 80s March 9, 2008

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So I wasn’t BORN in the 80s, but I did a lot of my growing up in the 80s. So tell me if ya’ll remember this cheesy crapola!


Yeah, that’s Olivia from Xanadu. Can you say HOKEY? But I loved it when I was a kid.


ALF!!! Ha!!


Dolly Pops!! I spent HOURS playing with these things!


You have to guess who this is. I’ll reveal below. But take a guess first!


Well, I wasn’t allowed to watch this movie, but I snuck and watched it anyway. It was stupid, of course!


Aww. Care Bears!! My little sisters were really into these. I think I had one though. Can’t remember which one.


I danced my freaking butt off to this soundtrack. I don’t think I was allowed to watch this movie either. I know I did watch it. Must have snuck off and watched this at a friend’s house too. I know I danced myself crazy to the soundtrack. My parents bought me the cassette tape. LOL! I put on my leg warmers and went to town. Oh yeah! I am totally insanely cool. But you knew that already!

Alright – suspense is over. That’s Holly Hobbie. Awww!


6 Responses to “A Child of the 80s”

  1. Lana Says:

    okay… the 4 1/2 year age difference between us is HUGE!!!
    i don’t recognize some of those 80’s things.
    i’m so young…hahahahaha

    my parents forbade:
    MTV, The Jefferson’s, and Three’s Company

    we were allowed only 1 30 minute show per day.
    we didn’t have a VCR or a microwave.
    and my mom cooked everything from scratch.
    every meal.
    w/ a dessert at the table, nearly every night.

    we sat at a table together for dinner every night,
    even when there was sports… dinner waited for everyone to be together.

    we obeyed and behaved.
    and when we didn’t, we’d get it…

    there weren’t a million television channels to entertain us.
    and when there was “an afterschool special” on TV it was like as important as seeing a show on broadway

    times have changed

    those 80s were good

  2. stacywiggins Says:

    not to date myself or anything but I had an entire Holly Hobbie room…. comforter, sham, curtains, dolls… the whole nine yards! I even had a holly hobbie lunchbox and thermos!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Lana: We were raised the same. All meals together if possible (7 kids sometimes 1 was at football, cheerleading, or whatever practice). My mom cooked every meal like the mom on “That 70’s Show” too. Never dessert. But always a giant meal. We had spaghetti night, tuna casserole night, and Friday’s were pizza night (except during Lent when it was fish night from Capt’n D’s). We weren’t TV watchers, but we did enjoy “The Cosby Show” as a family. Had to do chores on Saturday mornings. Church on Sunday mornings. We didn’t have a VCR, microwave, or a dishwasher (we were the dishwashers!). And we walked 10 miles in the snow to school in the winter. Ok, that last part isn’t true, but the rest is. 🙂 Hmm, maybe I’ll do 90s next and you can recognize those things you yungin’!

    Stacy: I spelled “hobbie” wrong. I spelled it “hobby”. Oops. Anyway, I had Holly Hobbie stuff too. In fact, that picture is the exact pattern of whatever it was I had. Man, I need to ask my mom what I had that Holly was on. My sister’s name is Holly and I used to think it would have been cool if my mom had given her “Hobbie” as a middle name. ROFL!

    That was fun, huh?


  4. lsbabies Says:

    Ah flashback to the 80’s. Barbie, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Strawberry Shortcake…Hey wait a minute! 🙂

  5. candidchatter Says:

    ROFL Lauren. I know — it has all come back (unfortunately).


  6. nette Says:

    I was soooo happy to see that someone else played with Dolly Pops! I too loved and still to this day Xanadu AND Flashdance! Thanks for walking me down memory lane.

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