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By Then I Was 20 March 12, 2008

Well this is for the youngins [I should say, “Lana, this is for you, girl”]. In 1993 I turned 20. So the beginning stages of my adult life were spent in the 90’s. I graduated from high school in 1991.

I had a Bart Simpson t-shirt that said, “Underachiever and proud of it man”. My english teacher said I wasn’t allowed to wear it in her class ever again. She hated it. I thought it was funny. I was an A/B student afterall. I thought it ironic and rather clever of me. She still wouldn’t let me wear it because of the message it sent out. Bah Hum Bug Ms. Starett! By the way, now I am a straight A student in college. See. That t-shirt didn’t change a thing!


Ok, this is funny. I had a Hanson t-shirt too. When I was married to the devil I used to wear it to embarrass his kids. Well that doesn’t sound right. His kids were fun. I was fun. He was the devil. We had lots of fun when he wasn’t around. So for me to wear this shirt, say, to a volleyball game his daughter was playing in to embarrass her was a joke and it was funny. It wasn’t mean and she would laugh and roll her eyes. Ok, nuff said!


Who didn’t watch this show?


Ok – I never had one of these for obvious reasons, but maybe some of you did?? Weird looking rodent thing that people thought was so ugly it was cute or something. His name is Furby.


Hated them. Still do. Ok – hate is a strong word. Vehemently dislike them! That’s better! The Spice Dorks – er – I mean Girls.


Yeah, a friend of mine actually cried when he commited suicide. What? Anyway, I used to really like their music once upon a time. My how things have changed!


Now how’s that for nostalgia?


4 Responses to “By Then I Was 20”

  1. Lana Says:

    i may just have been a deprived child/teen…
    maybe it has nothing to do with age.

    see what soccer does for a girl?
    seriously, being a competitive, traveling soccer player since age 10 guarded me from all those things.
    no time…

    no interest… all I cared about was running a mile in 6 minutes… squating 500 lb, and benchpressing 130 lb.
    i was a beast.

    nickname was The Crusher!!!
    those were the days.

    I do remember those “charm” necklaces! They were plastic and loaded with big, chunky charms.
    did you have those in Ohio?

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Alright “Crusher”. You can’t be serious! You didn’t recognize this stuff? Not even Furby? LOL! Kidding about Furby. That thing is nightmarish. But you weren’t absolutely in love with Kurt Cobain? Ok, well, me either. But I did love Hanson. That’s why I spent that year in prison. No — wait — just kidding. But Friends??? You had to watch at least a commercial about that show.

    Lana, you are kidding me, right?


  3. Lana Says:

    i recognize all of it.
    esp. Bart… I actually watched that show every once in awhile.
    (I did have a life size cut-out of Bart, that I received for my 13th birthday, which I got from my “boyfriend” who happened to dress up as Marge for my costume party…)

    hanson, no…
    Friends… no… i actually remember watching the finale though b/c it was all over the news that it was ending, so i figured I better watch at least one episode

    furby, no
    Spice Girls… heard them on the radio, that was about it.

    and Nirvana… not really. I do remember where I was when I heard the news of Cobain’s death… my two best friends balled their eyes out when we found out, I selfishly wanted them to get it together so we could go to the beach.

    the good old days…

  4. candidchatter Says:

    See, that’s exactly how I am now. I remember Laurie K. (from church) looked at me like I had 10 eyeballs when she told me she was going to see some pirate movie w/her husband and I was like “never heard of it”. She laughed and asked me where have I been for the last so many years. It was funny. It really was. Esp because she’s funnier than I am. But I seriously didn’t know what it was.

    That, my fellow bloggers, is because I DO NOT WATCH TV! And I take great pride in that. So there! :)~


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