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Seven Things I Will Miss March 13, 2008

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Seven Things I Will Miss About Brianna When She’s No Longer Three:

1. Watching her ride her tricycle when she says, “Mommy, watch. I’m going very fast!” She gets her little legs going and zooms off into the sunset. Well, not really, but to her that’s exactly what just happened.

2. Cuddling with her in my bed at 7:00 in the morning.

3. Reading her books when I tuck her in.

4. Naps!!!

5. Giggling over hiccups, toots, and burps.

6. Tickling her

7. As many kisses and hugs as I want and then some. Even in public. She is not embarrassed to show affection. I wish this would last forever!

Seven Things I Will Miss About Jeremy When He’s No Longer One (he’ll be 2 in 14 days):

1. His absolute wonder and awe with new things.

2. Running to me and saying, “Mommy, I scared”, when it thunders or when he hears a loud motor of any kind.

3. Rocking him to sleep when he is hysterical for some reason in the middle of the night.

4. His little smelly feet

5. His pants falling down because his waist is so tiny

6. His baby voice and hearty baby laugh

7. Playing with the back of my hair when I hold him

Big sigh. They really do grow up too fast.



2 Responses to “Seven Things I Will Miss”

  1. Lana Says:

    so sweet.
    love them

    Jeremy’s “Mommy, I scared”
    reminded me of when Hurricane Wilma hit the Treasure Coast in 2005. Tiago had just turned 2, and as we saught shelter in his closet… he said, “i’ll huff, and I’ll puff… and I’ll blow this house down.”

    kids are amazing.
    and time sure flies

  2. Jillian Says:

    This is too sweet! They do grow so fast.

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