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Junk. Gimme Some Junk, Mom! March 25, 2008

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I love hate sugar! I was gestational diabetic twice. I learned a lot about sugar during those times. Then I went on the South Beach Diet in order to lose just shy of 50 pounds. I learned even more about the glycemic index while doing that diet. We still do a form of that diet even today. I am very conscious of my sugar intake. Very.

My kids eat a pretty normal toddler diet: hot dogs, bologna, mac-n-cheese, french toast sticks, chicken nuggets, fries. And they also eat a pretty healthy diet: whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta, organic as much as possible (even the mac-n-cheese is organic), Kashi bars, YoBaby yogurt (organic), veggie burgers, soy chicken patties, they love black olives, only cereal they have ever eaten is Cheerios and I usu throw in some dried cherries and freeze dried apples to perk it up (I do NOT add sugar), pasteurized eggs, spring water, and they take an excellent multi-vitamin every day. For snacks they have pretzel rods, Sun Chips, natural cheese puffs, animal crackers, and gold fish. But truly their favorite “snack” is yogurt. I am training them and I am pretty happy with what they are eating. I wish they wanted more veggies, but I try to get them to at least take a bite or two. They like veggie burgers so that is good.

When I take them grocery shopping they might see a brightly colored box with a favorite character on it and immediately, without even knowing what’s inside, they want it. “Mommy, look it’s DORA. I want the DORA one.” My most used phrase while at the grocery store is, “no way, man, we do not eat junk”. Then I usu add something like, “sugar rots your teeth right out of your face”. Or maybe, “sugar might cause you to get bad grades from the doctor — especially if he’s the dentist type”. I am silly and I make funny faces and I act like my stomach is upset and I pretend to barf. It makes them laugh. But I am still teaching them that sugar is the enemy unless you are very careful and you indulge once in awhile.

So Brianna, my 3 1/2 yr old, was browsing my pantry the other day. I just filled it. That grocery trip was excellent b/c the kids weren’t with me and I wasn’t hungry. I stayed right on my list and didn’t by anything extra except Kettle Korn, but that’s for me. I filled our freezer, fridge, and pantry to overflowing. All the good stuff. No excuses to cheat until Rich came home with 2 tubs of cheesecake ice cream. So she’s in there looking, looking, looking, looking. She spots the candy waaaay at the top hidden in a WalMart bag. It was supposed to be for Easter. We were supposed to have guests so I bought some plastic eggs to hide and candy that I planned to put inside of them. Well the Easter plans bit the dust b/c my kids were still illin’. Anyway — child with candy radar — she spots them with her laser beams somehow.

I said, “Brianna what do you want?” She’s a big eater just like her mama daddy. Her being hungry or wanting to snack is life. She’s a wee little thing too so you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Anyway, she said…

“I want junk. Gimme some junk, mom!”

I cracked up.

So I gave her some junk. She deserved it!


2 Responses to “Junk. Gimme Some Junk, Mom!”

  1. Lana Says:

    i used to say to Tiago at the grocery check-out “That is all junk, we don’t buy that…” (in reference to the candy bars)

    one day when he was about 2 1/2 and he saw a grown man reach for some candy bar, I heard him say to that man “That is all junk, and you shouldn’t buy it.”

    oh, and I felt guilty about the go-gurts now.
    they aren’t all that bad 10 g of sugar and they do have active yogurt cultures.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    LOL about the go-gurts. They loved them. Brianna ate the blue one and Jeremy the pink one (go figure — opposite gender colors). Anyway, it’s fine and that’s a really small amt of yogurt anyway. Don’t feel guilty. It would be different if you had given me a pound of brownies for them. Mostly because I would have eaten them after they went to bed. LOL!!

    Ok – I’m all goofy tonight. I need some sleep!


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