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The Little Genius March 26, 2008

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Well, I am his mom afterall. I can think he’s a genius if I wanna.

Two. My little gentleman is turning two. We bought him his first bike today. A Radio Flyer tricycle. It’s so adorable. He doesn’t know how to peddle it yet, but he tries soooo hard.

Two years ago I was probably tossing and turning in bed, completely uncomfortable from my enormous stomach and sciatica. Jeremy was so low at that point that I felt all day long as if he’d either punch a hole through my stomach, break one of my ribs with his massive kicks, or fall right out if I didn’t keep my legs close together. I knew he was head down because I could literally feel it as he pounded against my bladder and seemed to shake his head back and forth (as if gesturing “no”) at the very bottom of my stomach right at my pelvic bones. It was like he was trying to screw his head in between my hips. Ugh! It was awful. I am a very short person and he was rough on me even though he’s a small little tyke himself. He is very active and was just as active in utero. I was not-so-patiently waiting for my scheduled c-section date, which was over a week away.

I went to the doctor on March 27, 2006 for a normal check-up and to have him monitored since I had gestational diabetes. I was up to twice a week visits since I was over 32 weeks gestation. Still birth is a big concern for babies of diabetic moms. So I did the whole pee in a cup thing so they could check for protein, had my heart rate checked, got weighed (176 pounds if I remember right), and waddled to the room with the heart monitor (for him) and contraction machine (for me). The nurse hooked me all up, handed me my clicker, and then walked out. She said she’d be back in 20 minutes. She should have looked at the contraction machine before she left, but it was so routine and I had seen her 100 times it seemed (twice a week gets you friendly with the nursing staff).

Now that morning I had horrible “cramps”. Even when my babysitter showed up I was doubling over holding my stomach complaining about “Braxton Hicks” contractions (the false labor ones are called that). We laughed about it and I told her how I could not wait for that baby to be born. I didn’t know Jeremy was a boy. We kept his gender a secret. Awesome thing and I highly recommend it. Highly!! Anyway, I kissed Brianna and told her I’d see her in a couple of hours. That was the last time I saw Brianna until 2 days later.


So the nurse comes back and freaks the heck out. She says, “didn’t you know you’re in labor?”. I was like, “uh, nooo, I had a c-section with the first one – i’ve never been in labor”. She laughed and tells me she’d be right back she had to see my doctor. She ripped off the paper with all the big lines all up and down it and almost ran into the door as she left the room. Probably less than 20 seconds later she’s back unhooking me and shoving me out the door into the patient holding area telling me the doctor wants to see me and now and she’s calling the hospital to get me into the OR. What???!!! Heck no! I was about to have me a baby — that day!

I called Rich all nervous and such. He’s working in Ft. Lauderdale at the time. A full hour and a half away. I’m telling him I think I’m going to have the baby and he needs to tell his boss that he might have to leave within the next 10 minutes or so and head my direction. I think he thought I was joking, but then realized I was serious and I think he may have passed out at least once. So the doctor sees me, tells me directions to the hospital, reminds me he’s not “on call” that day so I’ll have another doctor from their practice doing my surgery. Ok. Really? Ok.

Off to the hospital with me. Calling Rich. He’s on his way.

Jeremy was born at 4:55 p.m. on Monday, March 27, 2006 via c-section. He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 21 inches long.

Here is what I looked like the day before he was born (remember we had no clue I would go into labor less than 24 hours after this photo was taken):


Here is my precious darling brand spankin’ new baby boy:


And here him is now with him’s dirty neck from a-playin’:


My little man. I am head over heels in love with this child. Oh my heart!


One Response to “The Little Genius”

  1. wbppsh7 Says:

    Great pics – love the story as I didn’t know anything about his birth like I did Bree’s!! Thanks for sharing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY!!!

    btw, I tagged you – come over and see!

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