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Random Stuff March 27, 2008

Filed under: All In the Family,Faith — candidchatter @ 9:10 pm

I got mad at someone today. I mean really mad. Stupid mad. Mad over something that probably wasn’t meant to make me mad. But it did.

I lose my temper too fast. I get my feelings hurt too fast. Grrr!

Totally unrelated:

Ever hear a compliment thrown out about someone who is doing something wonderful?

Ever hear this compliment and been tempted to start chatting about how great and charitable you are too?

Ever hear this compliment, been tempted to glorify yourself, yet kept your mouth shut instead?

That’s hard. That is really freaking hard.

I passed that test though. Never in my life has it hurt so hard to bite my tongue (and I think I may have done it literally as well as figuratively).

But I kept quiet.

Man, that was hard.

A lesson in humility.

Off topic:

Jeremy had a wonderful birthday. What a sweet child he is. My blessing!!


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