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Bet He Won’t Fall For This One Again March 31, 2008

Filed under: All In the Family,Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 9:20 pm

I told my 2 year old son I had to tuck in my daughter and I’d be right back. I still haven’t gone back. I want him to go to sleep. We let them stay up late to watch a new movie (A Bug’s Life) that he got for his birthday. He did NOT want to go to bed. Especially since the movie wasn’t over yet. Poor baby. So I sat on the floor next to his crib rubbing his tiny hands and soft cheeks. I thought it would be like 2 minutes and lights out. Not so. So I tricked him. I’ll bet he’s in la-la land by now, but I’m going to wait about 10 more minutes to be sure since he’s a light sleeper. Then I am going to la-la land myself.

Sleep well internet cyber friends. You all rocked my site again today. 100+ hits. Amazing! Thank you for checking it out. I’ll see you tomorrow for more chaos I call my life.

Until then…

(((((((((((hugs for all)))))))))))


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