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BeeJimminEEz April 3, 2008

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Hello to anyone new. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you’ll return.

I’m surrounded by poetry. I got 1200+ words down for my rough draft on my literary criticism paper on For Whom the Bell Tolls (boring stupid book that I’ll NEVER read again). That will get me a nod of approval on Monday at my class since he required only 1000. The final draft must be 2000 minimum and 2300 maximum, due in 2 weeks. Whew! Now I have to do my poetry homework and then I can concentrate on my weekend plans.

Thank you oh sweet and wunnnerful friend O mine who watched my kids so I could do that. And thank you for meeting them a second time to ride “bikes” around the cul-de-sac across from your house.

Thank you dear sweet husband who cooked dinner tonight (it was delicious!).

Ok – time to analyze a poem and head to bed. See ya in the mornin’ ya’ll.



5 Responses to “BeeJimminEEz”

  1. Lana Says:

    the kids were great….
    i’m sure they’ll be living here and mine over there as they get older…
    oh the plans God has for us are HUGE!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Tattoos hurt. Alot. 😦

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Lana: It’s already evident. We aren’t buds by accident. It’s going to be such a fun ride here and then eternity will be awesome. You can hang out at my mansion on the water ANYTIME you want when we get there. LOL!!

    Melissa: When it heals I want to see a picture. Wash it, moisturize it, do NOT scratch it. What did you get? Where? Yes, they do hurt an incredible bunch, but I want to get the one on my ankle redone now — plus get matching ones if Rich will do it with me. I don’t know if he wants another one. I seriously need to stop watching the tattoo show on TV. I could get addicted!


  4. Lana Says:

    what do you mean “could get addicted?” once you get one, there is no stopping.

    btw, hope you guys enjoyed tonight.
    we did… had a blast.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Lana: We had SO MUCH FUN!! The kids were zonkered and went to bed with sugary smiles on their precious and dirt smudged faces. A beautiful thing for my eyes to behold. We’ll do baths in the morning. The food was fantastic! You, my friend, are a wonderful cook. Thank you again for such a fantabulous evening!!


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