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Zip A Dee Do Da April 4, 2008

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That’s the title because that’s what I’m listening to — Mickey Mouse music. It rocks!! Yeah!!


But it is entirely so fun watching my little boy dance around my office while I type. He’s going to make some young woman very happy someday. He has that happy-go-lucky personality about him. Always smiling. Laughs his head off. So smart and fun and sensitive and very affectionate. I pray he never loses any of those qualities.

My daughter is addicted to “A Bug’s Life”. The movie is for my son. It was a b-day gift. He enjoys it, but she has watched it like 6 times since Monday. She’s so funny. She picks out her favorite character and I love that it’s always the one that’s not necessarily the most popular one or the main one. She loves Dot. Dot is small yet full of optimism. She’s a little cheerleader for the underdog and a believer in “you can do it”. In Cars, her favs are Mater and Mack. She likes Lightning McQueen too, but he’s not her favorite. I happen to love Mater’s character. He’s hilarious and a true, true friend for Lightning. He’s not the prettiest or the smartest, but he has the biggest heart. It’s so fun to watch her get excited when she sees a car on the road that reminds her of Mater or Mack. And to listen to her talk about the movie telling about this scene or that one. She doesn’t watch a lot of TV, so don’t get me wrong. Even a movie might take all day to watch b/c I’ll turn it off and then she’ll pick it up where she left off later. But she has a memory, that girl. Just like her daddy. She memorizes things so easily — songs, books, lines in movies, action sequences, and so on. She is awesome at directions (and Jay is starting to do this too which blows my mind just like it did the first time Bree did it). Just soooo smart and I am thrilled about it!!

So today will be spent playing in the sandbox, running an errand for a friend of mine whose hubby is out of town and her two daughters are sick, and just generally being a mom. No more deadlines to panic over. It’s all done now. I am looking forward to the semester ending in 4 weeks. The final is on the 28th of this month. Yes!! As much as I love school (most of the time) I am in need of a break and I desire to just be a mom for awhile. Taking off the student hat very soon.

Have a wonderful Friday!! Hope you get to enjoy your kids today. If you don’t have kids, then I hope some sort of sunshine keeps a smile on your face.




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