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Smoking Oregano April 5, 2008

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I love to cook. Seriously. I enjoy it from beginning to end. I like planning the meal, shopping for ingredients, preparing the food, cooking, smelling the aroma of a delicious meal, the presentation, serving, eating, and looking upon satisfied faces as my guests lean back in their chairs with full bellies. I even enjoy, to a lesser extent, cleaning up afterwards.

Rich has taught me a lot about spices, cooking fish, and the proper use of fresh lemon and fresh garlic. He showed me how to perk up a bland sauce. He taught me what “Al Dente” means when cooking pasta. He taught me how to make chicken on the grill juicy and delicious. He can make a mean steak and fall off the bone delicious ribs. My husband is a fantabulous cook!! Better than anyone I’ve ever met.

And I’m second best — I taught him how to make the best turkey on the planet, the best potato salad in the universe, and eggs any way you want them. My brother, Ryan, loves my pasta salad and requested it each time our family would gather. He’d have to compete with my sister, Katie, who felt just as he did about my potato salad. I remember taking lasagna to a family gathering once and it was literally gone in a matter of about 10 minutes. I had to rush off to find my dad to make sure he got a piece. Salads, chili, white bean chicken chili, sandwiches, side dishes, main courses, desserts.

God gave us a gift and we love doing it. Wish we could do it more.

Oh and I should mention — we don’t use recipes. Well, if it’s new we’ll do the recipe the first time, but by the 2nd time we make it it’s done our way with quite a bit of substitution. We cook like my Uncle Steve used to play an instrument. He couldn’t read music, so he played several instruments by ear. He was so incredibly gifted. He could tinkle a piano like we sauté. He played a harmonica like we jazz up a sauce. We cook by taste.

And tomorrow — the two of us will entertain.

I get so much joy out of doing a meal with him. His cooking is very rich and full-bodied. The flavors of the food he prepares kiss your tongue. No. They make love to your tongue. LOL! That seems funny, but it’s true. Ask my dad about my husband’s cooking. I think my dad actually gets excited when he knows Rich will be cooking the meal. I think he smiles in anticipation and when the smell of the food hits him I think he can’t contain his excitement. He enjoys and frequently compliments my cooking too. But when Rich cooks everyone gets excited!

So, my lovely guests, my husband has decided he will make the meal for tomorrow night’s dinner. Come hungry. Come veeeery hungry. There will be a lot of food and you will be stuffed when you’re done. We don’t know how to do anything on a small scale. And bring nothing. There will be leftovers. There always are.

And to those of you we have yet to treat to our fantastic cooking, well there is still time.

And, yes, I am bragging. I am. 😀

Happy Saturday!!



2 Responses to “Smoking Oregano”

  1. Lana Says:

    like the title…

  2. candidchatter Says:

    knew u would 😉

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