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New House and Stuff April 9, 2008

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We got the last thing from the old house tonight. We also spoiled my dear husband with a leaf blower. He doesn’t want to sweep the pieces of grass left on the walk-way and driveway after he has mowed. It is a pain — so I agree. Anyway, he got a little Home Depot treat tonight.

I don’t know if I mentioned that we got a fence installed over the weekend. We live on a canal so we need to keep the gators out and the kids in. All is well. All is well.

Rich and I discussed how to spend his next bonus, which isn’t due until the end of the year. But we have plans for it now that it can be used for fun stuff and not as a down payment for the house like the last bonus. We’d like to extend our front porch in both directions and then add a decorative fence. We want some landscaping in the front and down the sides of the house. We won’t be doing much landscaping in the rear because we eventually want to have an inground pool installed (years down the road). We want the interior painted and I think I’d like some new pretty things to hang on the walls and such.

So for the next 8 to 10 months we’ll have white walls and little landscaping. But once that bonus comes along we will spruce up this house in quite a few ways. It will be so beautiful and we can’t wait!

We also discussed taking a vacation — just the two of us. Only problem with that is that I have 2 sisters getting married in less than a year. One in June ’08 and one in February ’09. Expensive!! I’ll be the only one attending both weddings, but still. The one in June has already cost us $500.00 with the plane tickets and bridesmaid gown. After all is said and done, it may cost us $1000.00 and I will only be there 2 1/2 days. Yikes!!

Jeremy is 90% potty trained. He’s doing so awesome!! He has a fear of pooping in the toilet though. He’ll do it a little, but then say he’s done only to dirty his pull-up within minutes of having just gone. Once we get him over that hump he’ll be good to go and we will be done with diapers until the next baby is born. YeeHaw!!

I found out what has been happening with our phone being charged for a bunch of calls we haven’t made. Our phone line got crossed with our neighbor’s phone line. I didn’t find this out until today. To say God was working behind the scenes on that one is an understatement. It would take me all night to type it all here, but just know that God even works the little things out for His children. Awesome!! Oh, and just so you don’t think I’m a looney tune — in order for me to happen to find this out it would have taken a HUGE coincidence. In order to get the phone company to believe me it would have taken a HUGE coincidence. And — I don’t believe in coincidences. This was a God thing! For sure!

Well I’m off to read more of my favorite book (rolling my eyes). See ya’ll tomorrow!


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