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Random Chatter April 17, 2008

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I am done with my glorified book report term paper. Yes!! Just a few tweeks here and there and it will be as near an “A” as I can make it. Wanna read it? Sike!!! I want you to keep reading my blog, not quit me because I snoozed you with my English Lit paper. 😀

Don’t underestimate God’s ability to make your sex life better. Yeah, I know that sounds really funny. It’s ok to laugh. But seriously, I have been praying for a looong time for God to heal me in this area. I have had like ZERO sex drive for about, oh let me say, maybe, uhhhh, 4 years! Crazy, right? Well, come to find out, taking a few supplements really can fix that whole issue. Now my husband’s like, “that’s what I’m talking about”!! And it is GREAT for me too. Rich has always been, how shall I put this, umm — gifted — in that area of our relationship. I was just never (and I mean like I could have gone a year w/out probably) in the mood. So go ahead and pray about your sex life too. God will listen to and answer those prayers just like all the rest. 😉

Someone told me today that “despite” isn’t a word. What? I was so like “no way” that I went to to look it up. Despite IS TOO a word. But if it hadn’t been, I would have felt like a major idiot since I use this word at least once a day. Well, at least every other day. Whatever! I use it a lot. That’s my point.

Stop internet spam. Please, do the world a favor and STOP INTERNET SPAM!

Also, stop idiotic e-mail forwards. Seriously, folks. Do you REALLY think Listerine will keep mosquitos away? Do you really think Microsoft is going to send you money for forwarding an e-mail to all your friends (who will roll their eyes at you when they see this in their inbox)? Do you really think there are heroine needles in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese and that someone’s little boy died from being stabbed by one? Do you really believe that if you send that e-mail to 700 of your closest friends that good luck will follow you all the days of your life? Do you really think that if you pass that e-mail on to 700 more of your friends that something funny, spectacular, or “way totally cool” is going to flash across the screen? Do you really? Because, if you do, I have some land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that I’d love to sell to you!! Yeah, your own private island. Let me know if you’re interested.

Here is a song that I love to blare in the car. Love it! Love it!! Yeah, you guessed it, I love it!!! Turn up the volume and enjoy! You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure! 😉

Toby Mac — One World

Who was it said Christian music isn’t cool?

As if!


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