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Allergies Suck! April 20, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 6:45 am

Jeremy and I trade off sneezes all day long. We both have seasonal allergies. His doctor won’t diagnose him because he is still “too young”. Whatever! When we are both sneezing over and over and over again every single morning, afternoon, and night and we don’t have colds what the heck else could it be? Seriously! Runny, itchy eyes, nose, and throat. Yea baby!

Well this year I believe I will finally give in and buy some allergy meds. I thought I couldn’t wear my contact lenses because I’m so stinking tired. Now I think it’s because my eyes are itchy-watery-burning because of my allergies.

Well regardless of our suffering, this very short video is just too adorable! Have a laugh!

Happy Sunday!


One Response to “Allergies Suck!”

  1. sinusdoctor Says:

    Hi! I would recommend trying a Neti Pot. They are very effective and inexpensive… Love the video by the way!!
    You can learn more about Neti at [spam removed by blog author]

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