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Finals Week April 21, 2008

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Study – Study – Study

Prepare first – Study

Well this week is all about the final exam. I won’t be online as much as usual. You will see plenty of things here to keep you entertained for a couple of minutes though. Lots O’ YouTube things I’ve found. Lots O’ pictures from the internet too, I’m sure. Probably not a lot of deep or controversial issues. I don’t know though — something has been formulating in my skull for a couple of days now. Maybe? Maybe not? We’ll see. Anyway – just one more week of this and then school is out until August. Yeah baby!! I’m taking the summer off.

This is too adorable (and short).

Funny things my kids have said recently:

1. Brianna informed me yesterday that when she’s older she wants a car. Geesh! Already??!!

2. My mother-in-law came over with two of her friends last night for a brief visit. Jeremy came running over to us and loudly announced, “I pooooooped”!! Nice!

3. That parallels the dinner we hosted about 2 weeks ago. Jeremy performed his amazing and spectacular means of making himself gag and choke right after dinner. Table manners are not his forte.

4. (You ladies who have had kids can relate to this one I’m sure – unless you are a mutant or have had plastic surgery): Brianna was patting my tummy. You know, the pretty place where it is all bulky with loose skin from having babies. Anyway, we play this game of sorts – when she’s done eating she sticks her tummy way out and says, “mommy feel my tummy — I am SO FULL!”. I’ll rub her tum and say, “wow you ARE full”. So she pats my tummy and says, “wow mommy you are SO FULL – you are FULLER than me”. Yes, dear I am fuller than you and it’s all your fault too. Thanks.

Ok one last thing. Since my daughter now has her sights set on a shiny new car I asked her if she wanted a car like mommy’s:

Eh – hem!

Or like daddy’s (which used to be mommy’s):

She said “like daddy’s” with her little stinker face and an eyeroll. She is so like her mama! So I said, “well you wanna see what car mommy’s gonna get someday?” and she said, “yeah!”. So here it is…

The look on her face said it all. “Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about!”. Like mother, like daughter!



Here’s another one.

Ok, one more and then I’m backing away from the computer.

Dodge Viper.

The end.


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