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Find a Charity April 22, 2008

My husband and I have been blessed in so many ways. It would take me hours to list them all. One that I want to highlight right now is that we have been able to be a part of four very, very awesome and inspiring charitable events.

Twice we have sponsored a missionary to Honduras. Both times it was for the same missionary, Kristin, who lives in Ohio. The first time she went for a week. The second time she went for 7 months. I just got a package in the mail last week with a letter, pictures, authentic Honduran coffee, and a DVD slide show set to music of her fantastic mission. I cried tears of joy. My God allowed me to be a part of His plan… again!

We currently help support a missionary in India through Gospel for Asia. He lives in the slums of India, so that he can be close to the people there, preaching the Word of God to the lost souls in the lowest caste and helps set them free from a life of ruin. If you understand anything about the caste system in India then you know that this is no small task. He and his wife are unbelievable witnesses of Jesus Christ’s love for the underdog. In America, we know nothing of this life. Our poor people seem wealthy in comparison.

Recently we were able to donate money towards my sister’s trip to Biloxi for Habitat for Humanity. She helped build houses for the victims of Katrina. Wow and amazing!

Take a look

Find a charity folks. Seek a way for God to use you. I want to be a missionary so badly. I can’t even explain it. But because my season in life right now is to be a mom I donate to these things instead. God has blessed my husband with an amazing job — his dream come true — and, thus, has given us the ability to contribute. The reason I have decided to become a nurse and to endure these classes in order to get my degree is so that when my kids are older I can be a medical missionary.

Give back. Whether it’s a missionary or something that has nothing to do with religion. Give back. Find a way. Serve. People all over the world need you.


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