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Drip, Drip, Sniiiifffff May 1, 2008

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Freakin’ cold. Grr! I swear we get them like every month. My head feels like it’s full of rocks this morning (no cracking jokes on that one kids). I don’t want to take any cold medicine b/c we are trying to conceive. Right now I won’t even take headache medicine and I quit my Claritin too (boo hoo b/c it was working). Oh yeah, on top of having a cold I also suffer from allergies and they are in high gear lately. I even had a dream two nights ago that I was pulling the never ending snot string out of my nose. Grossss! Thankfully it was a dream b/c I think I might have pulled myself inside out, it was so long. LOL! Totally grossin ya out, huh?

Well 20 minutes left until my morning walk with my little ones. They are still diggin the jogger stroller. Thank you Lord! As long as they have their snacks, water, lovies, and a small toy they do very well. Jeremy gets upset on the long walk days about 10 minutes from home. That’s ok. When we round the corner to our house I usu let them out and they walk the last half mile with me. Gives me a chance to cool down as well as teach them about avoiding cars and snakes and flowers and dead animals with ants crawling all over them. Sorry. It’s a gross-you-out type of morning. I’m feeling a bit stinker-ish today. In other words, I am in a GREAT mood so everyone gets teased. That’s just me, the way I be (see what English Lit taught me?!).

Oh, that reminds me. [Drumroll please] I GOT AN “A” IN ENGLISH LIT!!!!!!!!!! AN “A”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you keeping track, that’s two semesters down and STRAIGHT A’s. Wooohoooo!!


Today I get to meet one of Rich’s partners and his wife. We are driving south for dinner and some sort of entertainment. I am looking forward to it. Rich has worked with this guy for 3 years and I have yet to meet him. But they have become very chummy and I wanna make sure he’s a good influence on my dear husband (practicing for when our kids are older). I’m totally kidding.

What is new? My friend came back in town. That’s good news b/c I was starting to feel isolated and abandoned. 😉 I’m joking, but, LANA, I missed you!!

What else? Bart Millard shaved his mustache and beard off. He looks naked, man. But now maybe nobody will know who he is when he is in public and he can play a practical joke or two. I guess we’ll see what shows up on their blog.

Hey – it’s May – enjoy your day!

Oh I am SUCH an A student. You guys want me to do poetry now, don’t you? Don’t you? Uh huh. I see you nodding your heads.

Bye friends.


2 Responses to “Drip, Drip, Sniiiifffff”

  1. Tausha Says:

    So sorry about the snot! Bummer. I would hate it if I couldn’t take nothing for anything. ( i too, went to school to be taught how to talk)
    Congrats on the A! Two semesters in a row-you go girl!

    As for the other animals in my carpet-i guess i should be graeful that i live in desert with none of the animals that you listed, being readily available. (we did have maggots in the wet cat food once-my kids left the full can open for who knows how long and we discovered it cause of the smell) My turn to grose you out! HA!

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Your ways of addressing your kids on your blog keep me laughing all the while I’m reading. You are a hoot, Tausha!

    Desert? I went to AZ last October. My lips were SO dry during that trip and I could NOT drink enough water. I felt parched all the way to my intestines. Ha ha – gross you out again! But, for real, I have been wondering if any type of cactus would grow outside in tropical Florida?

    Off to nap. Yes, both my kids still nap so that means I get one too. 🙂

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