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Homosexuality May 3, 2008

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I don’t really know where to begin with this one. According to everything I have read in the Bible, God doesn’t seem to approve. According to everything I have read in the Bible, God also doesn’t seem to approve of lying, murder, stealing, bad-mouthing your parents, wanting what your neighbor has, rape, child sacrifice, adultery, and so on. He doesn’t seem to weigh one sin heavier than another. The only sin God says will not be forgiven is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I heard of a young man who got into Satanism, killed both of his parents, went to jail, and converted to Christianity before he was executed. Guess what… he went to heaven according to the Bible. He was forgiven.

One of my uncles died as a result of complications from AIDS. He was homosexual. Right before he died he told my dad that he was good with God and had trusted the remainder of his life to Jesus. According to the Bible, he went to heaven. He was forgiven.

Another of my uncles is HIV positive. He has a life partner who is also HIV positive. He lost his previous life partner due to complications with the virus. He believes in Jesus and acknowledges that He died for him.

God says we shouldn’t judge anyone. That He, and He alone, is the judge of His creation.

I have to admit that I think a woman’s body is beyond beautiful. But that doesn’t make me a lesbian. I think it makes me a person who appreciates what God has created.

I also think a man’s body is powerfully attractive. But that doesn’t mean I am now bi-sexual. Uh uh. I happen to recognize a good thing when I see it.

I cannot fathom doing to another woman what my husband does to me when we are intimate. I also cannot imagine my husband doing to another man what I do to him when we are intimate. But that doesn’t mean I am to hate anyone who does such things.

If you learn nothing else while reading the Bible, learn this… God is love.

1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Do you believe He died for ALL of us?

Or just SOME of us?

Romans 5:8

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us


12 Responses to “Homosexuality”

  1. Carey Says:

    I just have to say I love coming to your site-blog it’s so well written and funny! My older girls are coming here now. So, yeah thanks again for the hundredth time. hahahahaha


  2. candidchatter Says:

    🙂 My pleasure. Thank you for coming and commenting and complimenting. Heavy burden knowing your kids are coming here. Yikes! Well, if you didn’t think it was OK you wouldn’t let them, I’m sure.

    Hi GIRLS!! Thanks for coming. How’s it feel to have a gorgeous mom? You’re proud of her aren’t you??!! 😉 It’s ok to admit it. I think my own mom is pretty rootin’ tootin’ too!


  3. GREAT post! I agree with you completely. I get so upset when churches not just preach against homosexuality, but reject those that partake in it. We are ALL sinners. And like you said, the bible does not say that any one sin is worse than another. A sin is a sin.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Hi Jennifer. Thanks for commenting. I added you on the sidebar too.

    See you soon!


  5. josephudo Says:



    God left a special message for legislators: “Woe to them that make wicked laws: and when they write, write injustice.” Isai. 10:1. Also, God left everyone, including politicians, this message about being an accessary to sins (that is, one who is associated with or has the authority or ability to speak up against anyone involved with the act of sins): “Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things are worthy of death; an not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.” Rom. 1:32. Anyone who teaches their children or teaches any child that homosexuality (the act of homosexuality) is okay or normal is guilty of a horrible sin. Remember what Jesus stated in Matt. 18:6, in reference to teaching children or corrupting their minds with sin that it is better to tie a stone on their neck and fall into the sea. This is a powerful statement. By teaching our children this type of thing about homosexuality we are also allowing them to make unsound judgements of many other things in our laws and the laws of nature. When questions come to their minds about issues such as, “Who is to say that murder is wrong?” or “Is genocide wrong?” or “Is pedophilia wrong?”, they will easily make the wrong decision based upon an already perverted law or established guideline in our society. Once things like pedophilia and genocide are accepted, we will crumble as a society. We will revert to tribes or gangs. There will no longer be laws, only street rule. Worst of all, our children’s souls will be destroyed and may burn not for a while but forever in Hell. No matter how politically correct, homosexuality is an awful sin against God and its effects on our world are worse than any terrorist organization.

    Homosexuality is a destructive, suicidal behavior. As a note, pedophilia also has similar origins as homosexuality. Once homosexuality is freely accepted in our society through marriage, TV, etc., pedophilia will soon be the next deviation society may fall prey to. Who in the 1950s would have ever imagined that in a public school our children would be taught that homosexuality is an accepted lifestyle? Those who push this horrible self destructive lifestyle are those who know it is morally and socially wrong. What they are saying is that they want to close their eyes and ease their consciences by others accepting and validating a psychological and moral corruption that they are enslaved with. This wilful blindness is described by God here, “Knowing the first, that in the last days there shall come deceitful scoffers, walking after their own lusts.” 2 Peter 3: 3.

    To prove a point that the acceptance of homosexuality may usher in the acceptance of pedophilia, one only has to look at the details of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. Before Sodom was destroyed by God, every single person of the city was involved in horrible, forbidden lusts. This included men, women, and children. At that time it included more than what we consider as “homosexual”. How can any Christian, Jew, or Muslim defend such a horrible sin? Now, acceptance of pedophilia has begun. A dangerous and dark thunder cloud is rolling our way. Even recently; without question, many people successfully defended someone alleged to be a pedophile in the U.S. This situation has become a world-wide plague, a disease of our culture. It has invaded our homes, our places of work, our places of worship, and even our schools.

    When we admit that homosexuality is a terrible sin and a social ill, we wonder how such a deviate behavior has become accepted in a modern society. Anyone with a little wisdom can figure it out but those without any wisdom will concoct some illogical theory based on something to do with human genetics or perhaps some theory as wild as social revolution. The truth is that it took weak theories, in a fragile and gullible society to be accepted in the first place.

    Firstly, there is no evidence that people are born homosexuals. God doesn’t make homosexuals. In the Old Testament, at that particular time of the writing, Jerusalem had gone astray. God through His profit, Ezechiel, compared Jerusalem with the iniquity of Sodom. Basically, it explains the steps by which the Sodomites fell into their abominations for which they were destroyed. In particular, the profit explains that pride, gluttony, and idleness are the highroads to all kinds of lusts, especially when there are no works of mercy (to obtain grace and forgiveness) with these actions. “Behold, this was the inequity of Sodom, thy sister, pride, fullness of bread and abundance, and the idleness of her and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy and to the poor. And they were lifted up and committed abominations before me: and I took them away, as thou hast seen.” Ezechiel 16: 49-50. These steps of falling into the abominations of homosexuality and other forbidden lusts are very vivid in today’s society. It is an easy thing to see that people go to homosexuality, not by birth or genetics but by the steps outlined by Ezechiel; this was true thousands of years ago as it is today.

    People choose to act as they do. Homosexuality is a choice. Some reasons people go to homosexuality are likely based on loneliness, boredom of everyday life and of a feeling that they alone have control of their destiny. Some men are more masculine than or more feminine than the average man. This is similar for women. There are also people who are born as both male and female; that’s truly an heavy burden or cross that God gives them to carry. There are those who are born with an extra maleness gene in their genetic makeup; that’s proven. Often those men with an extra male gene are found committing more crime in society compared to an average man. Like the person who is born with both male and female characteristics, a man who is born with an extra male gene has a burden or cross given to them by God. It’s a heavy burden to carry around sometimes but it can be done by the grace of God. If a man has a predisposition to exhibit aggression through his genetic makeup, does it give him any natural born or societal right to commit murder or rob banks? Of course it doesn’t. Those men have to try more to conform in society and if they do conform, they will be blessed. And so it doesn’t give a man who is more feminine than other men a right to perform homosexual acts.

    It’s wrong for anyone to carry out a homosexual lifestyle and it’s wrong for anyone of us to accept it as anything but immoral and harmful to our society. The more homosexuals promote themselves and their lifestyles, the more we as a society wrongfully believe homosexuality is normal. Shame on every religious leader who does not speak up against it. Society pushes and promotes homosexuality by setting a false notion that those who don’t accept and embrace this lifestyle, are therefore, intolerant to differences in cultures. This reverse psychology twists morality until it appears as if those who speak up against it or disagree with it for either religious grounds or grounds of common sense are portrayed as hateful. This ideology of twisting sound moral and logical judgement around to look as if it were hate is entirely false, deceptive and unacceptable. Anyone who says they are a Christian, Jew, or Muslim and accepts homosexuality is a hypocrite, an apostate, and is guilty of the same sin of the homosexual act. In the Old Testament, several times, the horrible sin of homosexuality was condemned. In the New Testament, Sodom and Gomorrah are referenced more than once as horrible sins against God. So then, if God condemned (and there is really no “if”) homosexuality; how can God who knows all and created the earth, the solar systems, and every star that one can count if they were able to count for perhaps, trillions of years, make a mistake? What God said back then still applies. It is not okay for a man or woman to have sexual relations with an animal or a child nor with a person of the same gender.

    Many say there is no association between homosexuality and pedophilia. They say there is no association because any association might show society that like pedophilia, homosexuality needs to be stopped, not pampered. Homosexuality like pedophilia, is a mental illness and if you prefer, a strong inner conflict, sometimes hidden, sometimes not. There is hardly anyone alive who doesn’t suffer from some sort of mental twitch, major or minor. Some mental illnesses are very minor and too minor to be listed as a mental illness. There are some so large that a person must be protected from himself or herself and from harm to society. Just remember that all diseases need proper treatment and all individuals with any diseases need respect and treatment. Proper treatment does not mean acting out a mental illness. Homosexuality probably develops from a deep emptiness within a person. It is more than just a deviation from normalcy. It is an escape from boredom and loneliness through an uncensored act of attempted self destruction. To make up your mind to carry on such a lifestyle, you must have to almost completely burry any thoughts or notions of wrong doing. Homosexuality is, in a way, similar to an infection.

    It is not difficult to draw a parallel between infection of the body and the act of homosexuality. We have defense mechanisms against immorality as well as defense mechanisms for our body that prevent us from becoming infected. In everyday life we are protected from our own potentially dangerous microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses) through our many natural defense mechanisms. Our skin protects us from obvious things we encounter within our environment. It is not until we have an accident and cut or injure our skin in some way that our body is challenged by its unseen enemies. Even then, our bodies initiate another, secondary defense to further protect us. When the skin breaks, a complex system (composed of killer blood cells, etc.) existing within our blood springs into action so our body system is not destroyed. When we forget to wash our hands or put something contaminated in our mouths, we introduce our body to several other potential, harmful microorganisms. In our mouths our saliva begins to destroy the invisible invader. Then the contamination is sent to the stomach where a secondary defense, a powerful acid, acts to disassemble and destroy certain microorganisms. Even our eyes have their own minor defense mechanism.

    Throughout life, consciously by washing our hands, avoiding contaminated food or water or other conscious acts, we help prevent the destruction of our bodies. Unconsciously, our natural defenses help prevent the destruction of our bodies. Sometimes we foolishly initiate a slow or rapid destruction of our bodies when we inject ourselves with illegal and toxic drugs for one reason or another or spend years smoking potentially cancer causing cigarettes. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep for years or drink excess alcohol over many years. Or we subject ourselves to a host of other abuses that tear down our God given defense mechanisms. It seems as if we never cease to slowly erode our bodies until they become either infected or destroyed.

    Most of us realize what we are doing when we continually destroy our bodies. Many things that we do from day to day become so repetitious and familiar that they become subtle enough to slip from our consciousness. We do many things because they are so common place in our society that we feel left out or odd if we do not do them. The more often we do something over and over again (good or bad) the more we get used to the repetitious act and the more we accept it. A teenager who smokes cigarettes is a prime example of a bad habit that is done because “everyone else does it.” Bad habits can destroy our bodies as well as our souls. When we are confronted with decisions to carry our immoral actions there are only two paths to follow.

    The primary immune system of our morality is our God given knowledge of what is right and wrong; it is found in our consciences. We have the ability to reason and choose between right and wrong. When we choose to do wrong, we contaminate our souls in a similar manner as we do when we inject toxic drugs into our bodies; the immune system of our morality is compromised. We then bypass our consciences and let our minds become infected.

    Like disease that we initiate slowly and foolishly by ignoring our natural defenses, homosexuality has been introduced slowly in our society to the point that it has become dangerously subtle and we are numb to it. We now accept the idea because it’s so familiar and because “everyone accepts it.” It’s a serious infection of society.

    We were all born with many things in this world; many that are good, some that are bad. We were also all born with the ability to tell right from wrong. When something is wrong we know it is wrong, even if we can’t admit it publically. Many times because of convenience, we force ourselves to believe something that is wrong to be right. An example of this would be if someone cheats on their tax returns but tries to justify their actions and tries to get themselves to believe what they did was right by saying, “the government steals.” We all were born with the laws of God in our hearts (and the ability to know right from wrong) whether we were taught religion or not. In Romans 2:11-15, it is explained:

    “For there is no respect of persons with God. For whosoever have sinned without the law shall perish without the law: and whosoever have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law. For not the hearers of the law are just before God: but the doers of the law shall be justified. For when the Gentiles who have not the law do by nature those things that are of the law; these having not the law, are a law to themselves. Who shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness to them: and their thoughts between themselves accusing or also defending one another.” In the quotation from Romans 2, its interpretation is basically that everyone is born with the knowledge of right and wrong regardless of the knowledge of the existence of God from a religious education or not. It also describes the responsibility of both the believer and nonbeliever of God. Here the word, “law” is used to mean the written and taught law relating to an established synagogue, church, etc. The part starting, “…whosoever have sinned without the law shall perish without the law….” means that those who were not taught the written and established law of God will die and be judged according to the law written in their hearts from their birth, by God; they are responsible to keep the natural law within their hearts. In the phrase, “whosoever have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law.” Here it means that those who have been taught the written law of God shall die and be judged according to the established written law. The phrase, “For not the hearers of the law are just before God: but the doers of the law shall be justified.” is explained. The hearers of the law are those who know the written law of God either through learning the word of God or because it was written in their hearts; they both know right from wrong. Both are responsible to live sound moral lives according to what is either in their heart (the law of nature) or what they were taught about God. In the phrase, “…but the doers of the law shall be justified…” means that those who follow either the written and taught law of God and those who follow the law God established in their hearts will not be condemned by but will be glorified by God. The phrase, “…the Gentiles who have not the law do by nature those things that are of the law; these having not the law, are a law to themselves.” Here it means that those (the Gentiles or nonbelievers of God) who are only born with God’s law in their hearts and did not learn it by a written law of God have an unwritten law of God that they are morally bound to. They are guided by their consciences. Finally, the phrase, “who shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness to them: and their thoughts between themselves accusing or also defending one another.” This is interpreted as those who only have God’s law, written in the hearts will follow God’s law, guided by their conscience and within their community, they will establish their own moral law and rules. In essence, we all know that homosexuality is wrong; it is written down and is also in our hearts and we must not do it if we are to keep God’s law. There is no excuse.

    It seems very clear that those who claim to be homosexuals have an agenda in life that goes way beyond that of enjoying a deviate sexual behavior. These people truly believe in God in their hearts and do everything in their power to try to destroy God or destroy His values on earth. They try to destroy holy marriage of a man and woman, the innocense of children, the family unit, and anything they believe that was created to follow a wholesome lifestyle. They have even tried to dismantle the Boys Scouts of America, a necessary organization for boys that strives to act as a mentor for boys so they can live normally in society. In the case of the Boy Scouts and children in general, it is appalling that homosexuals don’t want young children to be taught the basic rules of societal decency but want innocent children to start life with an acceptance of extreme deviation of nature and God. It is unconscionable that this group of God hating people want to take over the minds of innocent children like some evil dictator.

    Homosexuality is worse than any terrorism in the world. Terrorism is man against man. Homosexuality is terrorism against the soul, the body and the mind. People who claim to be homosexuals are only using the label, “homosexual” to place themselves as a protected group and to try to justify a horrible deviation. Most people want to be accepted in society. Acceptance seems a natural part of human coexistence. People try to conform in society by wearing the latest fashion of clothes, driving a popular car, using the latest computer, and even socializing with a certain group of people. Many follow fads. Some fads are harmless and some are very harmful. When society is influenced by a group of people and then pushes the general public to accept a popular belief that something like homosexuality is acceptable, it (society), pushes this agenda which causes the public to accept homosexuality as some sort of fad. Society subtly pushes the general idea on people that homosexuality should be acceptable. Of course, this subtle message is also pushed on people when movie stars, sports heros and the like represent homosexuality by using phrases such as, “…those who do not accept homosexuality are bigots and intolerant to the diversity of others.” The thought of performing homosexual acts probably originates in a person due to extreme loneliness. But everyone is lonely sometimes in their lives. When a person decides to alleviate the stress of loneliness by directing it toward a person of his or her own gender, that is not only wrong but it is irresponsible. It’s easier to burry guilt in your mind rather than to try to overcome a painful lonely feeling or push the desire to explore a passionate curiosity, out of their minds. Those who decide to perform homosexual acts are doing nothing but taking the easy way out and seeking immediate gratification. Regardless what modern psychology says about homosexuality, homosexuality is a way to attempt to release psychological tension by the immediate gratification through a virtually easy and non-committed relationship with a member of his or her own gender. This easy way out is destructive to those involved and society itself.

    Homosexuality promotes itself by using both the homosexual community and the heterosexual community. Through years of patience and perseverance, homosexuals made themselves known to the general public. It is obvious that the far most important way homosexuality was promoted in the early years was by of course, through Hollywood. Since there has always been both masculine men and those men who are more or less, petit and feminine by nature, Hollywood produced films that starred the more feminine men. The roles, in the early films (the 1950s and 1960s) that starred more feminine men where usually comedy. Such things as male prisoners of war dancing with other males during lonely times brought enough laughs to not only continue with that type of theme but advance to another step of introduction and promotion of homosexuality. The aim was and is to gradually convince the general population to accept homosexuality. Another strategic aim of the homosexual community was to promote itself above the family unit and over God Himself.

    It’s always worse when children are the targets of some propaganda or brainwashing from a sick part of society. In Hollywood, cartoons were also part of the early homosexual promotion. Cartoonist introduced little cute animated characters as feminine men and other similar roles to make children laugh and begin to soften their young minds to later accepting homosexuality as part of life. A simple fact is that children are tender and gullible . And as much as children watch television, it is easy to understand how constant bombardment of their young minds by any propaganda can brainwash them. Nowadays by the time children become young teenagers they are often brainwashed in believing that men should act feminine and women act masculine. When the children who were exposed to the “introduction to homosexuality” became young teenagers, they were exposed to even a bolder initiative from Hollywood that suggested that such things as homosexuality were natural in all animals, including humans; this is nothing but a huge distortion of the truth. Children were also taught that anyone who was against the idea of homosexuality was out-of-touch with reality. This was nothing more than the twisting of reality. When young teenagers became adults and had children of their own, Hollywood and the general news media was dictating to the general public that homosexuality was an acceptable life style and that we should embrace the life style and accept homosexuality as part of life. Hollywood films now show extremely suggestive (some are blatant) films of homosexual acts. There are pop songs played on certain radio stations that are suggestive of homosexual acts. A normal man or woman is easily sickened to his or her stomach by that. Some parents already indoctrinated with a lifetime of one-sided propaganda from the homosexual groups in society, often teach their children that this way of life should be acceptable. When the child becomes an adult and gets lonely, the temptation to experiment with homosexuality may appear. When the existing child or new adult chooses to become a homosexual, he or she chooses a life of severe inner conflicts of what is right from wrong because he or she was not properly corrected in early life. The child or new adult ultimately chooses the path of self destruction in this life and possibly Hell that follows. Not only is society responsible for the child’s or new adult’s self destructive behavior but also are his or her parents. All parents should note what is said in 1 Kings 3:13, “For I have foretold unto him, that I will judge this house for ever for iniquity; because he knew that his sons did wickedly and did not chastise them.”, and in Ecclus. 41:10, “The children will complain of an ungodly father, because for his sake they are in reproach.” The sin, guilt, shame, and possible deadly disease the person gets from such experimentation is unspeakably horrible.

    A common inner conflict which may affect people nowadays is one of love. Much of society emphasizes that homosexuality has to be accepted as a normal lifestyle. Rapidly the laws of nations are allowing marriages between people of the same gender. Therefore, it might seem to some that love exists in most marriages because people who love each other get married. Using this logic, it might be subliminally deduced that if someone of one gender likes or loves someone of the same gender, it should be the kind of love shared by a man and woman. This is confused and foolish logic. It must be remembered that love is found in several forms, such as brotherly love, sisterly love, father-son love, mother-daughter love, etc. These types of love are not romantic love but wholesome love. With a mixture of loneliness, brotherly-type or sisterly-type of love (man for man or woman for woman), and an inner conflict that society has created, this confusion might easily turn to a homosexual union. When this happens, the person who chooses homosexuality knows well that it is a deviation from nature and he or she will feel extremely guilty and out of place, at least inside himself or herself. Yet, he or she knows that mainstream society (wrongly) teaches that homosexuality is a normal function. And therefore; often, he or she, instead of searching for a way to properly deal with loneliness or an explanation of how to deal with a wholesome love, takes the easy way out and commits the sin of homosexuality.

    Remember, just because someone loves a person as a brother, sister, or in another wholesome way, doesn’t mean they must love that person in a romantic way. Naturally, there has always been healthy brother-brother, sister-sister, father-son, mother-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter, etc. relationships (unless there was an improper mental-affliction-incest relationship). When someone believes that homosexuality is normal and acceptable, and he or she loves a person from the same gender in a wholesome relationship, instead of dealing with that person in a brotherly or sisterly way, often it is thought that the situation must be dealt with on a sexual basis. This person is confused. Sadly, these harsh inner conflicts likely are responsible for many suicides.

    No one is born a homosexual; their decision to carry out their “homosexual tendencies” or experiments is a bad choice in life. Someone who makes a bad choice in life and commits an offense against God has a chance to walk away from the sin and ask God for forgiveness. It’s similar when someone commits a white-collar crime such as when a corporate executive makes a decision to raise profits for a handful of stockholders and the affects of the decision causes millions of people to go hungry. Both, the person who commits a homosexual act and the corporate executive who caused the hunger are guilty of serious sins. Both have an opportunity to walk away from the sin and ask God for forgiveness.

    Homosexuality and other wrongs are rapidly destroying the foundations of our families and society as a whole.

    The key to any responsible society is the foundation on which it stands. This key principal is also true when one talks about a physical structure such as a building or bridge. With a physical structure, a solid bedrock foundation will allow the structure to endure a large number of natural calamities. In a responsible society, its bedrock foundation is the stable family.

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Dude – you seriously need to get your own blog. I posted your “book” without editing a single word. But, woah.

    And just so my regular readers are aware… I didn’t read it entirely either so don’t feel bad if you don’t. Waaay too many words for me to handle right now. Sheeesh.

    I happen to think the Cliffs Notes version would have been just fine.

    Anyway, each is entitled to their own opinions. However, I will repeat this…
    God is the One and only Judge.

    And may I remind you to “love your neighbor as yourself“. Oh, and one more thing before I go… you may hate the sin, but you are called to love the sinner.


    PS: did I mention getting your own blog? this one is taken. yeah, ok, just makin sure.

  7. tausha Says:

    I think that this is a touch subject, so props to you for blogging about it. I too, think that it is a personal decision. I think that you are right, are we not so lucky that we don’t have ot be the one’s to judge. We are just told to love, accept and befriend. I pray that I am doing all I can.

    Oh-one more thing-who was that dude? we meet some very interesting people here in this blogging world

  8. candidchatter Says:

    Tausha: I have no idea who “dude” is. Joseph [long-winded] Udo is the name he typed in the name box. ???? Beats me.


  9. Michael Says:

    Heidi, thanks for your loving approach to this difficult subject. So many in the church can’t comprehend hating sin while loving the sinner, even though God does exactly this for us. Another wrinkle I have yet to understand is the tendency for denominations to begin preaching the “PC” side of things, even supporting those actively living in sinful lifestyles to leadership – even pastoral – roles. The church, as the world, is under attack, make no mistake. Your outlook to this issue is refreshing. Bless you!

  10. Sharon Says:

    Praise God for His word. The word of God will tell you anything you need or want to know about what is sin, and how God feels about sin. On the day we are born we are sinners. It is up to us to decide how we want to live our lives. Yes we will sin everyday. The difference between giving your life to Christ and living the way of the world is that we as Christians are saved by Grace. It is a gift that we willingly decide to live our lives as Jesus Christ would have us live. Everyday we ask forgiveness of our sins. And by the mercy and grace of our Lord we are forgiven. Not one of us is more holy than another. You can not earn it. It is free, it is a gift of the Lord Jesus Chris. If you are a child of God you strive not to sin, not to judge, not to have bitterness or unforgiveness in your heart. You LOVE each other no matter how they live there lives. You LOVE your fellow man because Jesus said love your neighbors as yourself. That does not mean your next door neighbor. That means the stranger that stands on the side of the road with a sign. The person that you pass in walmarts. You love them with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. If you Love Jesus then LOVE your stranger. Because Jesus first LOVED YOU. There is a cross at a place called Calvery were Jesus Christ died for each and every one of us. The difference is where will you spend eternity. If you gave you life to Christ, and try every day NOT TO SIN. Then by the blood of the Lamb you are saved, and will spend eternity in Heaven with our LORD JESUS CHRIST. But do not think you can fool the Son of God. He knows your thoughts, heart, and soul. He knows if you are false, or true. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can ask for forgiveness and all the while planning on sinning. It does not work that way. You will spend eternity in Hell. Jesus loves you, He died for you, if you will put your trust in Him, He will give you a life that is indiscribable. I pray for each of you. I pray that you will make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour. He is waiting for you to call on Him.

  11. Virginia Says:

    I came here because I was googling Dali paintings. I did not expect to find someone saying exactly what I have been trying to come to terms with as far as homosexuality goes in the process. Thank you for your words, three years later. Thanks be to God!

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