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Beginner Help May 5, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 8:17 pm

There are several of you who look to search engines for the following day after day.

“candid chatter” (3-4 times per day)

“midriff candid belly” (2 times today, 2 times yesterday — and I know I’ve seen this on other days)

And then TONS of stuff about “baby angel tattoo”, “miscarriage memorial tattoo”, “sleeping baby angel tattoo”, “forever tattoo”, and the like.

So let me help you out if it is in fact ME that you’re looking for. You don’t have to search me. You don’t even have to know my whole site address. When you are on the home page of my site, click on that cute little star with the green plus sign (the latest Internet Explorer has this set-up — if you don’t have Windows I can’t help you). Then click on Add to Favorites on the drop down list. Then scroll the next window to whatever file you want in your favorites for my site to be in. Then click ADD. When I do this I stick ’em in my blogs folder, but that’s a whole different lesson. If you don’t have sub-folders set up in your favorites, then just click ADD and you’re done. Now to find me you click the star w/out the green plus sign. See me there now on your favorites drop down menu? No more searching. Just click and go.

You’re welcome!

Stress Free Zone — No More Stress!


One Response to “Beginner Help”

  1. Carey Says:

    Heidi, You are so funny…how do you keep coming up with things to talk about? Girl, you are a wealth of knowledge–pure genius.
    Seriously I am a huge fan of yours…you just keep on writing. You should put all of your posts into a book and get this great gem published! That is no joke.

    Carey (goodnight)

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