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Rockin And Rollin May 5, 2008

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We are on a roll. Literally. The kids have been wonderful and they mostly entertain themselves on our walks. I just got home from another 3 mile go around the neighborhood. I feel great and love it when I cool down and the muscles in my legs start twitching. What a feeling!!!

We are on a roll here too. Usually, on the weekends, my blog stats are way lower than during the week. About half the usual. Well not yesterday. I was so shocked and stoked when I saw my counter yesterday. On a Sunday, of all days, you people skyrocketed this site to over 130 hits. You kids are breaking my records! Thank you!!

We have made plans to hit the beach on Mother’s Day. The kids are so excited and so am I. My sister-in-law and her family will meet us there and we’ll have a little picnic. We’ll miss church, but honestly, I feel closest to God when I am near a body of water. I love going to the beach (Atlantic Ocean) because… well, I can’t describe the feeling it gives me. But my praise and worship of Him and the lives He has allowed me to mother… well, it’ll be off the hook that day.

Off  The   Hook!

Happy Monday. I’m going to go fix a healthy breakfast, finish my coffee, take a shower, and play with my two darling kids.

In     That      Order

Smiles and Hugs to all!

Just A Friendly Reminder


2 Responses to “Rockin And Rollin”

  1. Carey Says:

    Heidi, I love that feeling as well, I slept in this morning, I was so out of sorts! haha I seriously thought it was the weekend, shut off the alarm and said “Man it’s too early to get up.!” So, everyone was running late-only did half of Rickie’s treatments 😦

    The reason I’m rambling im trying to get to my point-I started a new workout regime, P90X. OMG it is killing me! I have muscles hurting I didn’t know existed! But I’m giving it 90 days of no exception following it to a T.

    Going right now to do shoulders and arms and ab ripper x.
    Along with running to train for a marathon…I am clearly in a zone! have a great day!


  2. candidchatter Says:

    Carey: So I looked it up online. Looks extreme and extreme. You go girl!! I actually would really enjoy a workout regimen like that. I know I would. I love exercising. I love how it makes me feel and look. Problem is, we are trying to conceive and I have done something bad to my left knee. I can’t even do the workouts I’ve been doing for almost 2 years now b/c of the abundance of squats, lunges, kicks, jumps, etc. Hurts my knee. The only thing I can do right now is walk and lift weights. So I am doing it to the max that I am able (with kids and no gym). I tell my husband all the time that I cannot wait until our kids are old enough that I can leave them at home by themselves so I can go workout at a gym for an hour or two a day. I know some gyms have daycare. I don’t trust that. I have a really hard time trusting people with my kids. Anyway, that was a long response. I just want to encourage you to keep it up! I know you have little time with your family so even more props to you. It’s awesome!!


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