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Results for Positive Tuesday May 6, 2008

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Remember this post? Ok, good.

Carey blogged on her site about how nice she was to a persistent and irritating telemarketer here.

Here is my story:

I took the kids to the mall today. Sometimes this is a mistake. Sometimes it is fun. Today it was both. I guess that makes it a fun mistake. LOL!

While at Macy’s, our first stop, the saleslady, Sandy, helped me tremendously. She was awesome. However, she was very slow scanning the items and very chatty which added to her slow nature. Fine. It was fine. The kids were up for it and she kept talking to them so that helped a lot. That, and a few reminders from me that if they didn’t sit still and behave then they wouldn’t get to ride the merry-go-round or the choo-choo train. Those rides are irritating, but they are useful for bribery.

Leaving Macy’s, I explained that we would go get soft pretzels and then I needed to get my jewelry inspected at my favorite jewelry store. Now I should mention that I used to work at this jewelry store (like 8 years ago). I don’t know anybody who works there now. What I do know is what their jobs are like. Sucky! Underpaid and unappreciated and tired of cheap and rude customers (which they deal with A LOT). I get the “new girl”. That’s good b/c I hate to take up the time of someone who is a top seller. That’s a joke! The new girl took my precious gems and off she went to clean them. “Wait!”, I wanted to yell after her. “Wait — you have to check the diamonds first to be sure none are loose or they will fall out in that ultrasonic you’re about to put them in!!!”, my mind was screaming. “Whatever, if they fall out then they’ll replace them. Just let it go”, is how the thought ended. I never opened my mouth. “Doo-doo-doo, let’s look at diamonds kids”, I think as my mind drifts to my favorite past time — shopping — esp shopping for jewelry. For the next HALF AN HOUR I start this conversation only I can hear. This is how it went:

  1. Should I trade in my diamond hoop earrings for some diamond studs?
  2. Wonder how much they’d give me on the trade-in?
  3. No, you need no more jewelry.
  4. Mother’s Day is Sunday.
  5. You said all you wanted for MD was a day at the beach with the whole family.
  6. You lied!
  7. How much are diamond studs?
  8. Woah – that is a lot. The prices have gone up here.
  9. Hmmm, wonder what they’d give me for my trade-in.
  10. What is taking this chick so long?
  11. How friggin long does it take to clean jewelry and mark the papers??!!!
  12. New girls suck!
  13. Slow new girls suck worse!

By the time this conversation ended my kids were having let’s-see-how-loud-we-can-scream contests. I ran out of threats. I finally pushed them across the store and walked away. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I knew if I let them out of the double stroller I would have to chase them on top of put up with them. No. Better to keep them contained. The sales people didn’t like that move AT ALL. No customers are coming into a store with two screaming, laughing, kicking, shouting, hyperactive toddlers. I just ruined any chances of them hitting their quota for today. But, by that point, I WANTED to irritate them.

What I REALLY wanted to do was grab the stuff out of the “new girl’s” hands and do it myself. It should take like 5 minutes to do what she did in 30 minutes.

HOWEVER, my jewelry sparkled like it was brand new. My papers were marked as if she was trying to win an award for perfection. Instead of sighing a big heavy eyerolling sigh in her pretty little face and saying “FINALLY”. I looked her dead in the eye, apologized for my heathens, thanked her for not calling security on us and kicking us out of the store, and told her what a fantastic job she did with my jewelry. She even gave me a new earring back for the one that was missing one. What a sweetheart. Those backs aren’t supposed to be free. Now I love the “new girl”. New girls are the best!

Here are my two… lovin’ their brand new Spiderman T-shirts. They really are hilarious and cute and I love ’em. I do! I’ll keep ’em awhile longer.

PS: 178 today. You people ROCK!! Thank you!!


3 Responses to “Results for Positive Tuesday”

  1. Carey Says:

    Awwwwww, they are so sweet! You painted such a funny scenario I was laughing my head off!!! I can totally relate to the bribery part…
    I am so proud of you, for not giving her a dirty look or just not saying anything etc…And you certainly made her day by being nice to her.

    I loved the part when you’re having a conversation with yourself…I have to tell you when I’m shopping I get sooo excited that it makes me run to the bathroom…TMI I know but it does.



  2. candidchatter Says:

    Run to the bathroom?? LOLOL!! Now YOU are cracking ME up! What? To puke? Pee? Poop? LOLOL!!! That’s funny!

  3. Tausha Says:

    funny! i for one would have ripped her head off. Espescially if i had screaming children in a stroller that i could not get away from!
    So-props to you my florida friend. And the fact that you said that you didn’t want anything but a day at the beach with the fam-what the heck are u thinking? i gave a very detailed list of at least 20 things that he could give me. U had better hint to your hunny or you might be a little ticked come mothers day-don’t deny it-you know i’m right!

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