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Living the Talk May 8, 2008

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Before I go too deep here I wanted to say THANK GOD FOR A HUSBAND WHO IS A SOFTWARE ENGINEER!! I had horrible computer trouble this morning and he got me up and running in about 20 minutes. He’s a genius!!

Now to the deep stuff. Go get your boots. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

We “Christians” talk a lot of crap. We do. Many, many of us have been infected with the Christianese bug. And it is nothing short of a crying shame. A few examples:

  1. My sister’s boss talks so much Christian smack and lives it out so little in his business affairs that he looks like a major wussy boy and, even worse, a hypocrit. Thank God he hasn’t turned her off of her faith. Thank God she was already a solid believer before ever going to work for him.
  2. On another board I frequent, a person was nearly begging for an acceptable solution for the mountains of cards stacked against him. Out of nearly 130 responses to his questions, only FOUR people offered to actually HELP him. The rest of the commenters threw his way the most Christian Geek Speak that I have ever, ever, ever seen. It was so sadly pathetic that it would make an atheist laugh milk thru her nose while pointing at the screen saying, “that’s precisely what I’m talkin about right there”. How miserably he was failed and by none other than THE BODY OF CHRIST! I don’t recall anyone offering to pray for him. Maybe some did, but I was really, really disturbed by the amount of unthoughtful responses that I almost staggered. If I had been standing, I would have staggered.
  3. “Oh we should get together sometime”; “Let’s get our kids together for a play date”; “Give me your phone number so I can call you and we’ll get together”. I cannot tell you how many stupid times I have heard this from people who are almost complete strangers. It’s as if you cannot have a simple conversation with a Christian anymore with no strings attached. No hon, I wasn’t trying to “date” you. I just wanted you to know that I think your purse is cute, hair is cute, shoes are cute, dress is cute, or husband is cute (sike on that last one!!). But, ya know? Why does every conversation have to end with “call me sometime”?????? Don’t get me wrong. I love to have get-togethers. But I don’t compliment people so we can become best friends. It – Was – Just – A – Compliment. Sheesh. Say “thanks”, then walk away. Bye now. Or the best is when they have said this so many times that it becomes automatic and soon you’re hearing them greet people with “Hi I’m so-and-so, it’s nice to meet you, we should get together sometime”. ROFL!

My point is we need to BE REAL with ourselves, our God, and our community — even when our faith is weak and we are suffering — maybe ESPECIALLY then. Understand that a fake Christian is worse than an honest atheist. No one is going to want to become a Christian when “we” have such a reputation as being cheesy with our cheesy smiles, stupid lingo, and flighty airheaded demeanor. It’s weird. It is so super weird. I mean like would you like want to like hang out with like the like teenager of the like week for like a weekend? No!!!!!!!!!! Not that Christians say “like” a lot. But seriously. “Praise the Lord” and all that goody stuff every time the lights turn on when you flip the switch knowing full well you paid the bill on time anyway — that’s STRANGE to EVERYONE!!

God doesn’t need a cheerleading squad. He needs people to be themselves (He created you afterall) and to use their gifts (that He gave you anyway) to affect the lost and to encourage the found.

If someone is hungry, give them food. Don’t give them your best sermon or favorite Bible verse because it will have NO AFFECT on them. Guess what? They’re STILL HUNGRY!

If someone is naked, give them clothes. Don’t drive them by the mall and tell them all about the great sale at Macy’s during Christmas. What good does that do? Think about this. That’s how stupid it is for us to preach to someone who is shivering about how they should turn to Jesus. Show them Jesus. Then maybe you’ll have the opportunity to actually talk about Jesus.

If someone needs a hug, give them a hug. Be compassionate. Don’t push them down a flight of stairs. Duh!

Do you understand me here?

In simplest terms:




MEET         THEIR         NEEDS

Don’t just badger them with your most incredible capacity to spew out memorized Bible verses. It’s so ridiculous!

Old adage that is too true:







6 Responses to “Living the Talk”

  1. Ali Says:

    This I can sink my teeth into and COMPLETELY agree with. I’m one of those honest atheists though. But your examples speak VOLUMES about my family. I wonder why I have a hard time with religion. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God, I just can’t do the whole organized act.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    “I wonder why I have a hard time with religion”

    Ali: Ghandi, of all people, was seeking Christ. He decided not become a Christian BECAUSE of the Christians. He got stopped at a Christian revival rally because of the color of his skin. They would not let him in. That has to be the saddest statement of fact I have ever in my life come across. Ghandi! Ghandi!!!!!!!! What an opportunity “we” missed.


  3. Ali Says:

    Well, then again lots of people (Christians and the like) base a lot of things on the “outer person” of people instead of getting to know the great “inner person” that someone MAY have to offer. Sad…..and it has gone on for sooooo long that it makes it even sadder (did I say ‘sadder’?? – more sad – whatever, you kwim!!) lol

  4. Carey Says:

    I frequent a lot of blogs–one we all go to I think. I could say so much on this subject. But I won’t It would be my soap box and I don’t have time to ramble…

    I totally agree with you and where you’re coming from, I just don’t say it all the time. All the Christian lingo seems so fake to me. Maybe I’m judging? I don’t know, I hope not. My point to add is that just because miracles happen to certain people and not to others doesn’t mean the latter doesn’t have God in their life.

    We prayed and prayed for my brothers and they both died. Did we have God in our life. Absolutely! So when others pray and pray and say they had a miracle well, I don’t know…I guess a touchy subject with me.

    Sorry for rambling…

    I know I’m never going to meet you, but your cool enough to where I’d want to if I could.


  5. Lana Says:

    oh, what is that book title…
    I’m good with God, it’s Christians I can’t stand

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Carey: I can’t accurately tell you how my heart bleeds for you. I am sorry about your brothers and your little precious boy. I know you hurt. I wish I could take away the pain. You are a wonderful person and I’m glad we’ve virtually met. (((Hugs)))

    Ali: I am so guilty of judging the book by its cover. So guilty it’s almost embarrassing. Like why do I have this hateful urge to diss the pretty mom with the nice body? Why? I hate that about myself. It’s jealousy and of all the ugliness of our emotions I really really loathe jealousy. However… Grrr!!

    Lana: I need to get that book. I would probably LOVE it!


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