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A Junkin’ Genius May 10, 2008

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I am a junkin’ genius. I know I have said this before in one of those previous posts.

I love dollar stores, thrift shops, consignment boutiques, and garage/yard sales. Today we went to the dollar store. They now have pregnancy tests there. Rumor has it that they work too. Two of my friends who are pregnant used a dollar store HPT (home preg test), both were positive, and wouldn’t ya know it — babies in the making!! They have greeting cards — 2 for a dollar. They have stickers for the kids and funny little toys that I remember from my childhood — jacks, old maid, yo-yo’s.

Two weeks ago I stopped by a garage sale. I got Brianna the pinkest, most granny bead necklace you have ever seen. Fifty cents. Wiped it down with an antibacterial hand wipe thingy. Good as new and she loves it!

When I was pregnant in November (before… happened) I went to a consignment boutique (Boomerang for those of you local) and spent about $100 on maternity clothes. I got about $400 worth. If you take what I got to Pea in a Pod or Motherhood or Old Navy and compare prices — I’ll bet $400 is low actually. Beautiful maternity clothes that are practically new. In fact, two pieces still had the original tags on them.

The last time I went thrifting was at Goodwill. I didn’t have time to sift, but I found two “church” dresses for $10.00. Both were name brand. The kids were all cranky-tired so I had to leave. But wow. Two! If I had had the time I’ll bet I could have found much more.

There is a bookstore in Columbus, Ohio that I used to live at. It’s called Half Price Books. They take trade-ins! For a bookwormie like me, that is music to my ears. They also traded CD’s. Ha! I’m also a music-worm. Or whatever. I do so very much miss that store. Ho hum.

And don’t get me started on Farmer’s Markets. Nothing like homegrown and fresh. Ahhh! I saw a tomato stand on the side of the road in Palm City the other day. Maybe we’ll drive by there again tomorrow to see if she’s still out. I could go for a juicy ripe homegrown tomato about now. Makin’ my tummy growl.

Go junkin’. It is fun and you will save a TON of money!

PS: The sex, boobs thing… Uh uh. Didn’t work. LOL! Oh well, I wanted to see if what I’d read on the all knowing internet was true. It’s not. Fairwell.


4 Responses to “A Junkin’ Genius”

  1. Carey Says:

    I so love getting deals! It looks like you have it down!

    When I was growing up, there was a lady who had a year round rummage sale in her basement. My girlfriend and brother and I would go there every Saturday. We would spend hours sifting through her junk–treasures to us! It was down in her walk out basement, she probably had a lifetime of stuff down there. What was even more cool is that it was in an old, old stone house probably built in the 20’s! Yeah, spooky as well….a kid paradise.

    We don’t have places like that to go to where I live now. Although, we do have a thrift store in the village and that is fun to go to as well.

    Thanks for inspiring me to go out and look for these deals!



  2. Hey, that boobs and sex thing just might work. Don’t give up so early … people looking at titles like that usually lurk during the evenings (I am just guessing, I swear I don’t know the statistics nor I am a boobs and sex lurker). Or maybe the traffic goes up over the lunch hours during the week (once again, I have no idea of the stat counter on searches for boobs and sex).

  3. Lana Says:

    reminded me that when I was little… my sisters and I would clean out our rooms and put all the unwants on our beds… then we would go into each other’s rooms and could buy anything off the beds for 10 cents each. such entreprenuers… such stewards… so green

    we were green even before green was cool.
    oh, and my boys bought me a BEAUTIFUL ceramic fairy fountain for mother’s day… I was with them when they (or I) picked it out. guess how much? 50 cents each boy… YEAH, only 1 whopping dollar
    at a yard sale.
    And I LOVE IT!

    we sing songs like jack johnson’s “3 is a magic number” … you have to look it up online.

    anyway…reduce, reuse, recycle.

    and even though I’m not ranting
    i’m out.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Ok so we want a trampoline. One that’s big and has a net. I found one on Craig’s List for $120 in Palm City. E-mailed the owner. It had just sold the day before. Grrr! My kids are using my leather reclining couches as trampolines. Partly our fault, yes. But now they are getting too big and too rough. Brianna is a gymnast so it’s partly from that where she gets these big jumping ideas. Anyway.. New they are astronomical (b/c I am picky about size). Used they are much better priced. Anyone know of anyone selling a trampoline that is in excellent condition?


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