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Prayer May 10, 2008

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I have been reading a lot about people’s prayer lives — or lack thereof. Over the past year I had the pleasure of meeting a woman in my church who is the most amazing prayer warrior I’ve ever known. And to hear her pray out loud you would think she was born to be a poet. Maybe she’s in David’s line of ancestors somehow. I am telling you she could write her own Psalms. She used to be in charge of our online e-mail prayer network. Through a series of events in my own life, I became closer to her and learned a few reasons why her prayer life is so full. Plus, I was interested and when I get interested in something I ask a lot of questions. How does one get a prayer life? How is it possible to pray without ceasing? She taught me so much in 1 year and mentored me in this area so thoroughly that I now have the most fulfilling prayer life I have ever had. Believe me, if I say I will pray for you or that I am praying for you, then I will or I am. The results of this have been amazing. The relationship I have with Christ is one I never want to walk away from.

Honestly, before I met this woman, I hardly prayed for anything other than my own needs (or needs of my immediate family) unless there was some sort of crisis at hand.

So how is your prayer life? Do you pray? When you tell others you’ll pray for them, do you? Is praying a challenge for you? If so, why?

Do you know how to pray?

Click on “comments” and tell us. Or answer these questions in your heart. Find a prayer mentor. Learn. You’ll never be the same.


3 Responses to “Prayer”

  1. Carey Says:

    I have a very close relationship with God…My prayers are very respectful yet not repetitive. What I mean to say is they’re not taken from a book or written down anywhere….truly from my heart.

    When I say I will pray for you, I do. I don’t say that to everyone. Sometimes my prayers at night get soooooo long I fall asleep while praying and I’m like “Oh God, I am so sorry for falling asleep.”

    Sometimes, I pray so that I can fall asleep–if I’m stressing about something he gives me peace, and a calm comes over me and I always know that he is there.

    I do have a problem with organized religion….turned off by the hypocrisy.

    That’s a whole other post.



  2. candidchatter Says:

    Carey: That was a lovely comment. Thanks girl. XO! How did things go this weekend? I was thinking of you and your handsome little guy!


  3. Carey Says:

    It was fun….a lot more people there than I anticipated–being it was the very first one in downtown Detroit! Parents came, kind of hard to get others down there, they had it on a Friday of all days and it started at 3pm! Hello, people work!

    Maybe next year it will be on a Saturday so that people from out of town can come and show their support! 🙂

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