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While I am Not Sleeping May 16, 2008

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I am losing sleep over this whole bridesmaid dress thing. I could have had a beautiful night’s rest and slept until 7:00 this morning. That would have been wonderful. Except my mind was racing about “what am I going to do if this dress ends up not fitting?”, “what if the alteration lady can’t make it fit?”, “how will that make my sister feel who has put so much time, effort, and money into her wedding?”. Ugh! I just can’t bear the thoughts and not thinking about it is impossible. I will think about it because that is what I do.

So while I was tossing and turning and trying not to think about it I had this thought. I wonder if any of you have done anything in your lives that you said you’d never do. I know it’s only mildly related, but when I toss and turn my mind goes in about 500 different directions. It’s annoying.

Here are 5 things from me – you need only reveal 1 unless you want to tell more.

  1. I said I’d never let the TV babysit my kids
  2. I said I’d never drink coffee
  3. I said I’d never get a tattoo
  4. I said I’d never leave my ex-husband
  5. I said I’d never leave Ohio

Spill it kids. What have you done that you said you’d NEVER do?


6 Responses to “While I am Not Sleeping”

  1. carey Says:

    OK here goes:

    1. Get a belly button piercing.

    2. Divorce my ex-husband

    3. Was never going to blog! “That’s just weird!” ” Why would any one want to do that!”

    4. Have a home computer. I know that was a long time ago!

    5. Let our cat have kittens! She hasn’t had them yet. (long-story) Do not want to discuss why-too personal.

    6. More…but, I can’t admit them yet…

    You certainly like to make us think!

    I like your brain.


  2. 1. Re-Marry

    2. Re-Marry Again

    3. Let an adult kid move back home.

    4. Call my mother ever again.

    5. Get involved in elementary school politics.

    6. B L O G

    7. Lie about my age.

    8. Shave my biz.

    9. Have a cat.

    10. Gain the weight back.

    It is wrong to use up cyberspace on so many issues.

    The only things I said I would never do and I actually never did: Watch anything Spike Lee was involved in and I’ve never let anyone EVER see me walk around naked.

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Carrie: Ok not to start a 2000 word essay-type comment, but what do you have against Spike Lee? Keep in mind, I don’t even know who that is. Does he do Kung Fu movies??? I wouldn’t watch those either. But, then again, I don’t watch TV (other than glancing at the kid’s shows) and I haven’t been to a movie since… see I don’t even remember!


  4. Lana Says:

    carrie’s comment inspired me.
    never thought I’d get a Brazilian bikini wax!

    and I have. (you should try it.)

    oh, and I remember in middle school some friend of mine let some boy go to first base.
    i remember writing in my journal that NO ONE would ever touch me there. and I kid you not, I wrote “NOT EVEN MY HUSBAND.”
    and two kids later, I must admit my hubbie has touched my boobs.

    i’m also pretty sure, as a young adult I never thought I’d nurse my children in public… well, I nursed for a total of 25 months of my life… so MANY, must be in the 1000s, have seen my boobs.

    what else?
    oh, so many

    my mom says she always HATED pacifiers… thought they were nasty and a pathetic excuse for bad parenting. well, when Lisa was born (my oldest sister), my mom bought a pacifier in the hospital gift shop… boy, did she love pacifiers after that!

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Lana: I still don’t think I’ll get a Brazilian bikini wax. It hurts enough to get my brows and upper lip done. Esp my upper lip. Man that’s torture! And besides the pain I’m not sure I want someone “down there”. I can stand the gynecologist because that’s just like getting the oil changed anymore. Not a big deal. just don’t know. Listen to me though, I have 2 tattoos and I’m worried about a bikini wax. How goofy!


  6. Lana Says:

    i fall asleep…
    i’m a saddist

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