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E.T. and Gas Prices May 17, 2008

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We DVR’d “E.T.” for Brianna last night. She has been dousing her eyeballs in it since about a 1/2 hour ago. I knew she’d love it. She does!! I told her last autumn that we’d go see Tinkerbell this autumn — just the two of us. She has been practically counting down the days. She knows that her 4th birthday comes first and then the following month Tinkerbell comes out in theatres. Amazing memory that girl has!

I paid a whopping $4.29 per gallon yesterday. That just sucks! Our trip to Orlando next weekend to see my uncle, aunt, and their family is going to cost us as much as it would to fly there. Well, just about!! Freakin’ gas! I have a gas hoggin’ minivan too. So that comes to $55.00 to fill ‘er up. [eyeball roll]

How much is gas in your neck of the woods right now?

And since we’re all becoming stat whores, here is another blog you should check out: Ragamuffin Soul. You can click here or click it on my sidebar. All of us stat whores try to lend each other a hand. Carlos needs some love on his site so go now, then come back, then go, then come back. See each time you do that we get a “hit” (or “slam” as I call it). Sweet!

Alright. Time to go be a mom now. Plus, I need some more coffee.

Peace! [lol]


3 Responses to “E.T. and Gas Prices”

  1. Lana Says:

    cheap to fill your tank…
    mine takes $85

  2. Sheboygan Wisconsin is four bucks. I remember last summer freaking out about three bucks.

    I need to be blogging for gas dollars.

  3. carey Says:

    We drive two vehicles now, when we all want to go somewhere, because our expedition was such a gas guzzler! We’re paying close to 4 dollars a gallon now as well.

    We rarely all go together anymore, anywhere. Yes it’s kind of sad–the teenagers would rather not come along.

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