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Where There is Smoke May 18, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 12:59 pm

I can smell the fires from my house. It’s especially bad today b/c there is no breeze and it is humid. Pray for Florida residents who are affected by these fires. Pray for people down here with respiratory illnesses as they are going to suffer too. Thanks!


2 Responses to “Where There is Smoke”

  1. carey Says:

    It’s that close to you that you can smell the fires? Wow, I haven’t been reading the paper or watching the news lately, was this arson or from natural causes? Please be careful…

    I am praying right now.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks Carey. Today it is worse than yesterday. The air is almost foggy. I can’t stand to be outside more than a few minutes. My kids are miserable with it too. The fires aren’t even that close to me. But the smell is like I’m living near a 24 hour bonfire. It’s bad.


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