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Children’s Prayers May 23, 2008

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We pray as a family. My kids love it. I love that they love it so it makes me love it more.

Here are some of their most recent prayers. Remember, Brianna is 3 1/2 and Jeremy is 2.

  1. Thank you for daddy’s basketball game
  2. Thank you for potato chips
  3. Thank you for my bird book
  4. Thank you for Jesus (this one always makes me smile deep)
  5. Thank you for aminals (did you catch that? aMiNals)
  6. Can I have a lollipop after breakfast?
  7. Thank you for the sandbox
  8. Thank you for Beena (that’s Jeremy trying to say Brianna)
  9. Thank you for my brother
  10. Thank you for my friends

Thank you, Lord, for my children. Please help me to cherish these moments of innocence. Help me not to grow them up too quickly. Give me wisdom and guide me in raising them according to Your will. Draw them to Your bosom even now as children. Give them the longing to serve You their whole lives through the gift of Your Spirit. Please keep them as pure on the day they are married as they are today. Protect their innocence and shield them from the evils of this world. Thank you for choosing me to be their mom. Thank you for blessing me with healthy, smart, and beautiful children, Lord. Heaven is gonna rock! Please do everything in Your power to guarantee they’ll be there too. I trust You and I thank You for trusting me. Please forgive me when I am short-tempered. Please correct me when I am wrong. Please don’t allow me to damage my kids in any way. Change me so I can be a blessing to them. I cannot do this without You. I am not smart enough, kind enough, strong enough, patient enough, and other things. Please fill in where I am weak and make me strong. I love You, Lord. Thank You for calling me. Now, please, call them too. In Your precious name I pray. Amen.

Good night folks. Sleep well — all 200+ of you. You have rocked my site this week. For little ol’ me, this is beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you. XO!!


4 Responses to “Children’s Prayers”

  1. jalack Says:

    That is an awesome heart felt prayer……God is blessing you.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks Jalack. God broke me for my kids. It’s the best!


  3. carey Says:

    I second that, he truly is blessing you! Sweet, sweet prayer. Very heartfelt and tearing me up!



  4. Bo Says:

    AWESOME! I love it! God Bless you and your beautiful family.

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