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Motion Sickness June 1, 2008

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Do any of you suffer from this? It’s horrible. I have suffered from it since I was a kid. The cool thing is it guaranteed me a spot in the front seat. I don’t get sick when I’m in the front seat. Ticked my siblings off from time to time, but I seriously get motion sickness when I’m in the back seat. I also cannot read in a car. I cannot look out the side windows for any extended period of time — like more than 1 minute. I will be so nauseous I will start having to do this in my mind… “no I’m not sick, no I will not puke, no I will not think about it, no I am not getting the cold sweat, no I am not sick, I am not sick, ok thinking of something else now, baseball, think of baseball, ahhh that’s better.”

I was riding with my friend, Linda, to the mall and she is very funny and I loved talking with her. I miss her. She was my neighbor in Ohio. Anyway, I was riding with her, she’s talking, the divider in the middle of the highway is zooming by behind her head and I am getting completely ill. I didn’t want to be rude and stop looking at her but I had to or I wouldn’t recover for hours. Yeah, it takes hours for me to recover if I get really sick. So I told her, “Linda, I’m sorry, I can’t keep looking at you because it is making me sick.”


So I realized what I had just said and how that might have sounded and so started the apology thru laughter. I was giggling and apologizing and trying to explain what I meant. SHE wasn’t making me sick looking at her. It was the divider flying by behind her head that was making me sick. I needed to look straight forward.

When we got to the mall I had seasick legs. I was illin’. I may have even turned shades of green. I had looked at Linda for too long with that divider behind her head and I was 2 inches from losing it. I’ll have you know I do not lose it. I am a refuse to puke kind of person. I will hold it and refuse to do it. It will have to force its way out of me b/c I will NOT puke. Not even when I am sick with the stomach flu. Uh uh, no way, not gonna puke. One time I spewed after eating tacos with black olives and a black olive got stuck in my nose. That was it. Never would I willingly head for the bathroom. Fought it tooth and nail from that day forward. Not that I haven’t barfed since then. I have. But it’s been a battle of wills — me vs my stomach.

This past week my hormones have done things to me that is just downright unfair. The good news is that the sicker you are the better your chances of having a normal pregnancy. Sick. As. A. Dog. I mean sick. Yesterday I barely got off the couch. Thank God for TV on days like that. My kids crawled all over me and watched Wow Wow Wubbzy for like 2 hours (thank God for DVR too). Then it was naptime. They went to bed and so did I. Two and a half hours later and I was still sick sick sick. Craved Mexican food and ate like I hadn’t eaten in a week and still sick sick sick. I remember when I got sick while pregnant with Bree and Jay I would eat something and feel better. Not with this one. I eat and feel better while I’m eating and then sick again.

However, I am grateful this time. My last pregnancies were free tickets to complain. I complained about all of it except the baby moving. I loved feeling the baby move. I hated everything else. I used to tell people how much pregnancy sucked. I hated being pregnant.

Boy have I ever changed my tune.

Bring it on hormones. That means it’s working. That means the baby is growing. That means, despite the spotting (which is going away finally), everything is going as planned. This is probably one of the reasons why my doctor isn’t worried about me. I am sooo sick. And tired. And happy about it.

Keep praying. The ultrasound is on Tuesday. Come on heartbeat!!
I am praying that God will doubly bless anyone who prays for us.
And thank you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is such a struggle to worry about your unborn child living or dying. That is what I’ve been doing all week — worrying about the fate of my smaller than a grain of rice unborn baby. Nothing compares to that. Nothing has concerned me more than that. So thank you so much for your prayers!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


4 Responses to “Motion Sickness”

  1. carey Says:

    Heidi, I’m so happy you’re sick!!!!!! That is such great news!

    You definitely have the increased progesterone to sustain your little baby! When I got pregnant for my first, which took me seven years, they put me on progesterone suppositories to sustain the pregnancy. So, even though it’s horrible and I’m sorry…I’m so so happy!



  2. candidchatter Says:

    I had progesterone w/Brianna too b/c it was taking me awhile to get preggers. Worked and she’s perfectly normal. Today I feel like I jumped the gun a little. I am not as sick as yesterday and the spotting just got heavier. Grr! My nerves are frayed. I just can’t wait until Tuesday. 😦


  3. Jason Says:

    I hated getting car sick when I was a kid, I don’t have that problem anymore, I’m always the one driving…..And we are praying for the lima bean in your belly.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks, Jason!

    I don’t get it when I drive or ride in the front. Guess that’s the “cure” for me too.


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