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Beyond My Front Door June 2, 2008

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We moved to a new neighborhood less than 3 months ago. Truthfully, it seems longer, but it’s not quite 3 months yet. A couple people we know from our church live in our immediate neighborhood and quite a bit more live within 3 miles or so from our new place. We love it here.

One of our neighbors brought us homemade sugar cookies and dollar store gifts for the kids. So sweet. Another brought us homemade banana chocolate chip cookies and the kids didn’t like them, but unfortunately I loved them. Yeah, I ate every last one. Took me a few days, but still. They were SO good! Others have stopped by to say hello and introduce themselves. They all love our kids and oooh and aaaah over them. It’s Norman Rockwell around here. Pleasantville.

There is no homeowner’s association, no severe deed restrictions. The funny thing about that is you can be driving down our street and see homes built 20 years ago, homes built yesterday, homes with 2 bedrooms, homes with 5 bedrooms, ranches, 2 story “hotels” (as Brianna calls them), very pretty yards, very ugly yards, and so on. It’s funny. It’s wonderful.

Before my pregnancy drama happened last week and I was told to take it easy for awhile, I would stuff the kids in the double jogger stroller and we would walk almost every morning. Some days we’d count boats. Other days we’d count blue houses or pink houses or peachy pink houses or yellow houses. Some houses in FL come in very funny colors. Blue might seem pretty until you see a house that is pool stick chalk blue. Or one that is teal green. Or lime green trimmed in yellow. Or peachy pink trimmed in purple. Every person with their own style. So funny to this Ohio girl. On our walks, whenever we’d see someone they would wave or smile or say hello. There is an older gentleman that walks every single day for 3 miles around our neighborhood. My guesstimate is that he’s around 70+. He is very proud of his walks and very sweet to me and the kids.

Beyond my front door it is friendly, warm, and welcoming.

What is your neighborhood like?


4 Responses to “Beyond My Front Door”

  1. I love neighbors bearing gifts of good tidings. It seems to be a lost art. In my old neighborhood (I lived there about fifteen years we were gifting each other and welcoming and exchanging “in case of emergency numbers” and I loved it.

    We moved to our new place about two years ago, we have an acre and a quarter and there is literally no neighborhood.

    I said to my husband, where the heck is my fruitcake and sugar cookies?

    I really miss women. I like my blog friends, but I miss women that smell like perfume and tell me they like my haircut. You are fortunate to have fallen into good neighbors arms.

  2. Mel Says:

    My neighborhood sounds similar to yours. All the homes look different- I hate “cookie-cutter” neighborhoods. Some were built in the 70’s- and the rest throughout the years right up to brand new homes. All different sizes, shapes, you name it. LOVE it! Everyone takes very good care of their lawn, and we all bust butt to keep the private lake in our subdivision looking spectacular! We have pretty strict rules in our association, like no fenced yards (unless you have an in-ground pool) and no clotheslines- but not bad otherwise. I never ever want to move!

  3. kazzles Says:

    Florida houses are funny colours! I was just out there in March and I found the pink houses really amusing in particular. But sort of pretty. I don’t mind a bit of colour really. It’s very different to my country.
    Which part of Florida are you in and what are the best and worst things about living there? I’m considering the move!

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Kazzles: I live on the Treasure Coast which is ocean side. I love it here. I am from Ohio where the winters are overcast, cold, and ugly. I am not a fan of snow. Not even a little bit.

    Worst things about FL: Hurricane threats, humidity in the summer, bugs, it’s flat as a pancake, and (in my area) lack of a freeway system. There is the turnpike and I-95. Both run north and south. No east and west. I am from a big city in Ohio so I am used to a massive freeway system. Beyond that, you won’t hear me complain.

    Best things about FL: Your choice of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, lots of beautiful beaches, Orlando theme parks, fresh fish, beautiful places to hang out and relax, winter is gorgeous, friendly diverse community, lots of things to do for all walks of life year round (no down time b/c of cold weather or snow). I love it here. I will never leave by my own accord. Florida is now my home.

    Hope that helps. What country are you coming from?


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